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GoPro Karma revealed as much more than a drone


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GoPro has revealed its sought-after drone, which was confirmed back in December 2015, in the body of Karma, a compact quadcopter that fits in a backpack.

Prior to the announcement of its development, the rumor mill had repeatedly said that GoPro will launch a drone. The GoPro Karma drone is now official and seems to represent a good introduction to the quadcopter world for the company.

The drone announces itself to be “much more than a drone”. This is a bold claim, but it is something that the public likes to hear, as customer demands are becoming higher and higher. Either way, here is what the GoPro quadcopter has to offer!

GoPro Karma is a compact, foldable drone

We have already established that the drone is based on a quadcopter-like design, meaning that it has four propellers. It is foldable and GoPro says that it will fit in a small backpack, which will be included in the package.

gopro-karma-drone-and-controller GoPro Karma revealed as much more than a drone News and Reviews

GoPro Karma drone will ship alongside a video game-like controller.

The same package will also include a controller with a built-in touchscreen. The company claims that it designed the controller to look like something created for video gaming. In order to back up this statement, GoPro added that the Karma drone will be fun to fly.

In addition to being fun to fly, it will also be easy to fly. Taking off is done via a single button. Landing will also be easy and it seems like the drone will return to the take off point when it goes out of range or when its battery is low.

On the touch-based display, users will be able to view whatever the camera mounted on the drone sees. GoPro Karma is compatible with all Hero 4 and Hero 5 action cameras. Thankfully, the controller allows users to fly the drone without the need of a separate mobile device.

The GoPro drone will not fly into restricted areas

A big question asked by potential buyers referred to image quality. Winds and vibrations can cause drone footage to be shaky, but the GoPro Karma takes care of these issues. It comes packed with a 3-axis image stabilizer, which will keep things steady.

Videos will turn out smooth thanks to the stabilizer, that will be included in the package alongside the aforementioned backpack. If you decide that you do not like it, then you can easily remove the stabilizer from the drone.

Another worry consists of restricted zones, but you need not to worry about them. The drone comes with integrated software that prevents it from getting into no-fly zones. And if you enjoy capturing selfies, then you have the Auto Shot Paths feature at your disposal.

GoPro Karma drone release date is scheduled for October 23. Its price tag is set at $799.99. If you buy it alongside a Hero 5 Session, then the bundle will cost $999.99. Finally, a Hero 5 Black bundle will set you back $1,099.99.

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