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Graava smart cam automatically edits long, boring footage


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Graava has been unveiled as a wearable camera that records videos of your everyday life and automatically selects the best moments so that you will no longer have to edit hours of boring footage.

People like recording videos using dedicated cameras, smartphones, tablets, or other devices that have a built-in camera. It is hard to buy a portable device that does not have video recording or streaming capabilities these days. However, most people will realize that they will never view or edit their videos in order to make them more appealing. A solution to this problem has been provided by Graava, a company which has just introduced the Graava wearable camera.

Graava is an intelligent camera that can automatically determine the most exciting moments from a long video. Instead of editing hours of videos, users can simply instruct the camera to to do it for them and the result will consist of more interesting videos, all without having to go through all the editing hassle.

graava-camera Graava smart cam automatically edits long, boring footage News and Reviews

Graava turns your long and boring videos into shorter, more exciting and action-packed footage.

This is Graava: an intelligent camera that edits long, boring videos into shorter, more exciting footage

Graava is a camera that shoots up to full HD videos at 30fps as well as hyperlapses and photos at up to 8-megapixel resolution. It uses a fixed-focus lens with a 130-degree angle-of-view that makes sure everything is in frame and in focus.

The device comes packed with a multitude of sensors. The list includes light, image, gyroscope, and an accelerometer. They are joined by GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth, and they will all work together to determine the most exciting parts of an up to three-hour footage. This is the battery life on a maximum charge and the three hours of videos will be automatically edited into a 5-minute video.

The company has designed the device to be smart and to decide for itself using certain parameters when something exciting is happening. Additionally, users can separately purchase a heart rate monitor that can be added into Graava. This way, the camera will know for sure that something exciting has happened, so it will add it into the final footage.

Graava is available for pre-order at a special price for a limited amount of time

Graava is a small and lightweight camera measuring 65 x 44 x 20mm, while weighing 60 grams / 2.1 ounces. It can be mounted on pretty much anything, so you do not have to worry about this.

The hardware specs are not too shabby, however, they are not the main attraction point of this camera. As stated above, this is a clever device which can connect to your smartphone or smartwatch. Additionally, it can edit a video depending on the social network where users want to share it. This means that if the user decide to share it on Instagram, then the camera will create a 15-second video.

Either way, Graava is available for pre-order right now for a price of $249. If you want to get this device, then you should get it now because it will be priced at $399 as of September 1.

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