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Hasselblad Solar photo completes a series of camera leaks


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The first Hasselblad Solar photo has been leaked, adding the Sony A-mount camera-based model to the long list of devices whose images have showed up online in recent times.

Hasselblad is going through some major changes, as the company has just fired CEO Dr Larry Hansen and replaced him with Ian Rawcliffe.

The new CEO has also revealed that the Sweden-based manufacturer is working on world’s first medium format camera with a CMOS image sensor.

World’s first CMOS-powered medium format camera could signal a new beginning for Hasselblad

Rawcliffe has confirmed that the device will be called H5D-50c and that it will be released this March. The shooter is based on the H5D-50 and its new sensor will capture photos at a resolution of 50 megapixels.

No matter what the future holds for the Swedish firm, the reason why Dr Hansen has been replaced is the company’s poor performance in the digital imaging sector during the past couple of years.

These problems have been caused by the deal with Sony, which saw Hasselblad release several products based on devices created by the PlayStation maker. However, those cameras, such as Stellar and Lunar, have not raised photographers’ interest.

Hasselblad has repeatedly said that buying parts from Sony and launching similar cameras does not mean that the products are identical. However, nobody has actually fallen for that excuse and the Stellar as well as the Lunar have both been failures.

First Hasselblad Solar photo could mean that the company is still living in the past

hasselblad-solar Hasselblad Solar photo completes a series of camera leaks Rumors

This is the first photo of the Hasselblad Solar, a camera based on the Sony A99 full frame A-mount camera.

Since the aforementioned partnership can be considered a fiasco, you would think that the company will no longer launch any products inspired by Sony products. Apparently, things are not exactly like this as the first Hasselblad Solar photo has just showed up on the web.

The camera looks like a Sony A-mount camera which has received a new paint job. Although the model is unspecified by the source, the camera is most likely a modified SLT-A99, none other than the flagship full frame A-mount shooter, which is rumored to be replaced this year.

Nevertheless, the image does not look like it has been forged, nor should it be seen as a sign that it is coming on the market anytime soon. However, it could also mean that it is too late to cancel the project so Hasselblad might simply go ahead with it.

The SLT-A99 is not cheap, as its price stands higher than $2,500 at Amazon, therefore you can only imagine how amazingly expensive it will be when Hasselblad releases its own version.

Whatever the new CEO decides to do with the Sony allegiance, we are hoping that it will not hamper the company’s goal to become one of the leaders when it comes to digital imaging innovation.

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