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Hazmat Surfing project shows what will become of our oceans


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Photographer Michael Dyrland has created the “Hazmat Surfing” project in order to raise awareness of ocean pollution that may one day lead to people surfing in hazmat suits.

Our oceans and seas are becoming more polluted by the minute. Although we find ourselves in a critical state, as fish, plants, and other organisms living in the ocean are dying due to pollution caused by humans and human activity, very few people are hearing the alarm.

A photographer has partnered with a friend and the Surfrider Foundation to create the “Hazmat Surfing” photo project. Artists Michael Dyrland and Mike Marshall have captured photos of surfers riding the waves wearing hazmat suits to raise awareness of the bad state of our oceans.

Photographer goes to LA to surf, cannot do so because it rains

Michael traveled to Los Angeles back in October 2014 for a photo shoot involving a childhood friend living in LA. Besides work, the photographer also wanted to have fun and to learn how to surf.

Coincidence or not, it rained one night, but the weather got a little better in the morning allowing them to surf. However, Michael’s friend instructed him that it is impossible to get in the water and nobody does so after it rains.

The reason why you cannot go into the water is because you can get MRSA, hepatitis C, and all sorts of viruses and bacteria that have been washed down from the streets directly into the ocean via garbage, fecal matter, and sewage.

It rarely rains in LA and a lot of garbage sits on the streets and in the sewers. However, when it does rain, up to 10 billion gallons of rain runoff will pour into the ocean and the ocean will be filled with nasty stuff.

Hazmat Surfing photo project raises awareness of ocean pollution

Michael Dyrland and his friend could not enter the water for three days, fearing that they could get some sort of infection. As a result, Dyrland Productions and the Surfrider Foundation have created the Hazmat Surfing photo project.

The photographer says that if we do not reduce pollution, then people will be able to surf only while wearing a hazmat suit in the future. The project reveals sad figures trying to surf and it shows how bad it will be if we do not put an end to ocean contamination.

Nobody wants to create such future for his children, so we need to raise awareness about this and we need to protect our oceans and seas. Most of the times, people are oblivious to the problems because they do not know what causes them.

The photos reveal what will become of surfing, but you should note that everyone in the whole world is affected and will be affected by pollution. Remember: protecting the oceans means protecting ourselves.

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