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Herman Damar’s heavenly photos of Indonesian lifestyle


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Photographer Herman Damar has captured a portrait photo series of people living in communion with nature in the villages around Jakarta, Indonesia.

Indonesia is one of the most beautiful countries that one could visit. It provides all types of landscapes and the country is packed with amazing wildlife.

Children may not have smartphones and tablets which they can use until the battery runs out. However, they are living in communion with nature and they are improvising they play-style.

Photographer Herman Damar has visited the villages around Jakarta, Indonesia and he has captured an impressive photo series that depicts the idyllic life at the countryside.

The heavenly beauty of living in the countryside by photographer Herman Damar

We have featured a number of articles showing a glimpse of living in the countryside, although most of them have been captured in developed countries.

Indonesia is an emerging country and its villages are quickly disappearing. However, the villages are still there and they are providing beautiful scenes. In the meantime, Herman Damar has been paying visits to the villagers who are based around Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.

His photos are portraying an idyllic lifestyle that involves playing with animals and doing daily chores. These people have to collect water, harvest crops, and to herd animals in order to survive. Thankfully, they are also finding time to play and the children are the ones making the most of it.

Another common activity is fishing, which turns into fun because it tends to get pretty hot, so swimming helps the people to cool off.

Indonesian artist loves to keep his life in communion with his shutter speed

The Jakarta-based photographer says that he continues to learn and to become a better artist. He is self-taught and he is doing this for “you”, the viewer. Herman Damar loves to live and to share his precious memories with the viewers.

His work allows him to live a fast life and to capture the emotion of a concert, sporting event, as well as the calmness of the countryside. These are all special moments which have to be shared, says the photographer.

As for living a fast life, the artist is claiming that he loves to live it in agreement with his shutter speed by alternating crowded places with more peaceful setups.

Moreover, one of the key things that can be noticed in Herman’s photography is that he is using  natural lighting on most occasions. A lot more heavenly images and details can be found at this personal website.

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