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HEXO+ is an intelligent aerial drone that follows you around


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Squadrone System has revealed an intelligent drone, called HEXO+, that has been designed to follow around a pre-determined subject and to film its adventures autonomously.

The launch of aerial drones has brought an enormous set of implications to the digital imaging world. You can see what a city looks like from above or you can film your actions from more interesting vantage points.

Nevertheless, some people want more. It is hard to control the drone and the camera when climbing a mountain or while being on a skateboard. You will need a cameraman, but sometimes this is a problem as you may not find a suitable one due to many reasons.

This is what Squadrone System had in mind. This small company has decided to start working on an autonomous drone camera that “knows” what to film, when to film, and from what angles to capture the film. The idea has become a reality: it’s called HEXO+ and it is live on Kickstarter.

Company unveils an intelligent drone what follows you around: HEXO+

There are many situations when controlling a drone is not possible, including the lack of a cameraman. The most logical answer would be to create an autonomous camera drone that can shoot independently.

As stated above, Squadrone System has created HEXO+, a drone camera that works for you. It requires an Android or iOS device to work. Users can install an application that provides the means to compose the shot.

The composition settings include the distance between you and the drone and the point of view among others. After pressing the “fly” button, the drone will start flying and position itself according to the parameters.

HEXO+ will follow you around and will capture the video from the angles that you have selected. It captures your every move and it is described as an intelligent flying camera system.

hexo-autonomous-drone HEXO+ is an intelligent aerial drone that follows you around News and Reviews

HEXO+ is an autonomous aerial drone that tracks a pre-determined subject.

HEXO+ specs and features include impressive top speed and flight time

The HEXO+ is capable of reaching speeds of up to 70km/h or 45mph. It is compatible with GoPro Hero cameras because this is the most popular system available on the market.

The autonomous drone has a flight time of 15 minutes and is capable of capturing footage of subjects located at a distance of up to 50 meters.

A built-in GPS system is available along with a position tracking sensor telling the drone where to stand and what to track. A 2D gimbal can be added to the package if you donate the right amount. The gimbal will stabilize the camera, meaning that videos will not turn out shaky.

The good thing is that the project has already met its goal so it can be considered a reality. Squadrone System still has plenty of units up for pre-order, so you can still get this amazing gadget.

More info can be found at the official website of the Hexo+ drone!

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