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Holiday Gift Ideas For Photographers


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christmas_gift Holiday Gift Ideas For Photographers Guest Bloggers Photography & Photoshop News


With the holiday prep in full swing, you may be looking for that ideal gift for that photographer friend of yours, or items to put on your own wish list. Below is a list of some great tools that I have on my own wish list, or that I have come across and thought they looked like fabulous finds for any shutterbug. From stocking stuffers to big eye-poppers, there is something sure to fit anyone’s budget.

PowerPax $6.39: Nothing is more annoying than to empty the contents of my camera bag when searching for charged batteries for a quick change out during a shoot, and end up pulling all the contents of my pocket out right there – JUST to find a single stray battery! I had no idea there was a fix for that until just recently. PowerPax is a great small gift item for any photographer’s electronic gadgets. For an extra kick – fill it with rechargeable batteries!

Powerpax Holiday Gift Ideas For Photographers Guest Bloggers Photography & Photoshop News

Lenspen $9.65: a portable lens-cleaning tool that is a must have in every photographer’s bag.  It is not only great for camera lenses but can be used for other items as well – such as binoculars, spotting scopes, telescopes, and other optics. The brush on one end is perfect for removing the dust particles that accumulate whenever your lens cap comes off. The microfiber cloth on the other end, is great when used with a lens cleaner spray, to clean off fingerprints and other smudges.  The carbon tip finishes it up to make sure there are no streaks. Another great stocking stuffer and an item that could fit in your Fishbomb, listed below!



Lenspen Holiday Gift Ideas For Photographers Guest Bloggers Photography & Photoshop News


Onslot $9.99: I first saw this when I walked into my local camera store and thought, “Why are they selling mini white board erasers at a camera shop?” Upon closer inspection I realized just how ingenious this idea was. This is an item that is specifically designed for cleaning electronic glass such as LCD screens on cameras; however, it can also be used to clean laptop screens, tablets, phones, etc.  As a bonus feature it snuggly fits into the hot shoe of your camera for easy access while keeping your hot shoe protected at the same time! They have black, white, premium rosewood and collector’s edition available.



Onslot Holiday Gift Ideas For Photographers Guest Bloggers Photography & Photoshop News



Domke Wrap $10.95: I tend to take my lenses with me when I don’t want to carry a huge camera bag but I become very nervous about keeping them safe. The Domke Wrap is good to wrap around the lens, or even the camera body to give it the added protection it needs. If properly wrapped, this will give you a peace of mind knowing that your equipment is protected. (IMPORTANT information: The 11-inch is 11″ wide on all four sides, so it is 15.5″ diagonally. Look up your lens, take the maximum width and double it, take the length and double it, then add the two up. It should be a little less than the diagonal measurement so you have some overlap for the Velcro to grab.)



Domke-Wrap Holiday Gift Ideas For Photographers Guest Bloggers Photography & Photoshop News


Fishbomb $13.00: The Fishbomb is an accessory that will make you wonder how you ever lived without it! This is a portable accessory pocket that can be attached anywhere and will fit just about any camera accessory.  It can hold up to an 82mm filter or lens cap on the outside pocket. The other pockets can store memory cards, more filters, batteries, etc.  The Fishbomb can be attached to belts, camera bags, rings on bags, your camera strap, and anything that is not bigger than a large belt.  I would love to have 2 or 3 of these in my camera accessories stash and it is a must have on my wish list. Giving this to a photographer with an MCP gift card tucked in the outside pocket would be icing on the cake!



Fishbomb Holiday Gift Ideas For Photographers Guest Bloggers Photography & Photoshop News


f/60 Lens Kitchen Timer $14:  I laughed out loud when I saw this kitchen timer disguised as a zoom lens! An idea as good as the lens cap coffee mug that was on a prior year’s list.  This gizmo is perfect for food photographers, in particular, but fits well for all of us who love cooking AND photography – or even the person who likes things disguised as something else.  Imagine the good laughs you will have when people are in your kitchen staring at what appears to be a lens that is ticking!


Kitchen-Timer Holiday Gift Ideas For Photographers Guest Bloggers Photography & Photoshop News


Lexar 16GB Class 10, Professional Memory Card $14.95: (Includes free recovery software!) I recommend this purely out of past experience. This is for all photographers who fear that dreaded moment of deleting images that were never loaded on the computer. From devastating firsthand experience, I learned a very important lesson.  ALWAYS load images immediately onto the computer, keep multiple memory cards on hand, and most importantly, to use a memory card that includes a recovery program.  After contacting Lexar, I discovered that had I purchased the Professional Memory card, I could have downloaded free recovery software to help me to recover the deleted photos. Instead, I would have to pay over $50 to purchase software to do the same thing. You can purchase a card as low as 8GB, but getting twice the amount of memory is only a $5 more. I recommend the larger 16GB memory card.  Of course they have memory cards as large as 128GB if that better meets your needs.

Lexar Holiday Gift Ideas For Photographers Guest Bloggers Photography & Photoshop News


Handleband Bike Mount $15.99-20.00: What an ingenious idea! I know plenty of friends who love to bike and use their phones for videos and pictures that would enjoy the Handleband. Although I am not an avid biker, I would love it just to be able to have instant access to my phone without worrying that it is going to slip out of my hands. It is made to fit snug with or without a phone case and can be adjusted to any angle to allow your camera to record a video of you barreling down that Double Diamond mountain biking trail. In today’s world, there are a many photographers who use phones as their primary camera and would love a gift like this to increase their maneuverability.


Handleband Holiday Gift Ideas For Photographers Guest Bloggers Photography & Photoshop News


Clutch by Peak Design $39.95: (This is in the pre-order stage right now with shipping beginning sometime in November.)  I cannot wait for this camera hand strap to start shipping.  It is THE number one item on my wish list.  I instantly fell in love with this product. It is the only camera hand strap that is quick-connecting and quick-adjusting. There are so many times that I want to remove the neck strap and just hold my camera in the palm of my hand; however fear of dropping my camera stops me in my tracks. With the Clutch, I will be able to hold it in my hand and have complete control of all of my camera’s buttons at the same time without the least worry of dropping it.



The-Clutch Holiday Gift Ideas For Photographers Guest Bloggers Photography & Photoshop News



Fstoppers Flash Disc Portable Light Modifier $49.99:  This is one of my favorite concepts for portable light modifiers. I am a fan of Fstoppers and the concept is similar to what I have in my own camera bag that I NEVER go to a shoot without. It is the best way to diffuse light whether you are holding your speedlight, or having it on camera, the flash disc acts as a portable softbox.  It folds up so small it can fit it in your pocket and has a built- in grey card on the back for helping set up WB and exposure.  It fits all speedlight manufacturers and is a must have addition to any photographer’s camera bag.


Flash-Disc Holiday Gift Ideas For Photographers Guest Bloggers Photography & Photoshop News


Maha Power Charger $53.45: A bit more on the higher priced end, this gadget is a can’t-go-wrong gift idea.  Photographers use batteries like crazy. For those who have already made the switch over to rechargeable, being able to see exactly where each battery is on their power cycle is invaluable.  I first became aware of this wonderful beauty while watching a live class on Creative Live.  This charger charges each battery individually instead of as a whole unit like the other lower priced chargers. You can also do a soft charge or a rapid charge. I have my fingers crossed that I find this present under the tree for me this year!

Maha Holiday Gift Ideas For Photographers Guest Bloggers Photography & Photoshop News

MCP Action Gift Card (You choose amount): A final gift idea perfect for an individual whose wish list may not be known.  Let them choose between Lightroom Presets, Photoshop Actions, or even an Online training course. Available in $25, $50, $75, $100 and more. Your gift certificate will be emailed to you or your recipient in the form of a gift code to be used at

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  1. Tami on November 21, 2014 at 10:05 am

    WONDERFUL ideas – I had no idea what my camera loving friend might want. Thanks!

  2. Nicole on November 27, 2014 at 2:52 pm

    Great ideas all! I’ll probably be getting my husband Peak’s hand strap or another camera strap from Redier.

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