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Spread the Cheer with Holiday Gifts for Clients


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The holidays are the perfect time to make your clients feel extra special and keep them talking about you all year round. There are many reasons that you should give your clients something special, but for me it is about doing something amazing for them as a ‘Thank You.” If you can take the time to spoil your friends with handwritten notes and Starbucks gift cards, you can take the time to come up with something unique and creative for your clients.

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Holiday Gifts: Things your customers will love to receive from you.

There are many creative gifts for every budget.

1. Ornaments: When I think of the holidays I automatically think of ornaments for the tree. This year my clients will be receiving custom Organic Bloom ornaments with my favorite portrait from their session in it. As they are spreading their holiday cheer and putting up the tree, they will be reminded of the love shared in their family. I also love the frame ornaments because they can be easily hung on a cork board or hung anywhere in sight for those who don’t celebrate Christmas.

2. Animoto videos. These videos are easy to create and cost effective. Choose some of your clients’ best portraits from their session. Then choose a song and a style in Animoto. In no time you will have an amazing video from your clients’ session that can be shared in a variety of ways. The video could be emailed, shared on Facebook, or even put on a branded USB drive or CD and placed in the mail. Plus, add your business name or logo to the first slide so you can advertise at the same time. Get Animoto here.

3. An “app”: You can present your customers with app of with portraits from their session. Not only does this showcase the best portraits of your clients, but also they get to brag about their session. Sticky Albums makes this easy. Just choose 10 of your clients’ best portraits from their session.  Sticky Albums offers a free trial for photographers, therefore, this is extremely cost effective if you need a little something to show your clients that you appreciate them. If you end up loving Sticky Albums it is definitely worth purchasing an entire years subscription to spoil your clients all year round.

4. Holiday cards, note cards, and/ or calendars. Choose a design and pick a favorite image of your client’s portraits to send them a set of custom holiday cards. Who doesn’t love getting ‘snail mail’? Also, include your branding so their friends will know who took their family portraits! Everyone will be gushing over their custom holiday cards. Note cards and calendars can be easy to customize and remind your clients of the warm feelings of a session all year.

5. Hand-written notes. If budget or time does not permit you to do one of the above gifts, or an idea of your own this holiday season, be sure to at least write each of your clients a personal hand-written thank you note. This will not only make your clients feel like they are truly appreciated and cared for, but it will also keep your business fresh in their minds when family portrait time rolls around again.


There are many things you do can for your clients to show them that you value them and want to spread the Holiday cheer! The most important thing is to be creative and stay true to your brand (and budget). Just like your friends, clients want to feel appreciated and small gifts will show them just that. Giving your clients gifts when you give them their order will likely be quickly forgotten. However, surprising them with a gift around the Holiday’s will create a lasting impression and create even more excitement!!!

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This article was written by Chelsea of Chelsea Christine Photography. She specializes in Couples, Families, and Weddings in El Paso, Texas and Southern Illinois. Chelsea loves photographing sweet and romantic moments!  You can also like her on Facebook.


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