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In this MCP E-Mail:

2. NEW ACTIONS TRAINING – one on one
3. NEED YOUR IDEAS for 2008

HOLIDAY GIFTS! Actions make a great holiday gift.
If you are wanting some new actions, and hoping someone will buy them for you, feel free to give my email address or web address ( to someone you love. I am happy to help walk them through purchasing actions for you (if they have no idea what one even is), and I can even wait and email it out on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning to you from them. Or can send sooner and they can burn it to a CD for you.

How is that for a hint? I have already done this for a number of people. So spread the word. Maybe you will get one you have been wanting too.


NEW for 2008 – just introduced!

All MCP Purchased Actions come with complete directions, tutorials and screen shots. But for many people who are new to Photoshop or who really want to take their photo editing to the next level, I offer one on one tutoring. I have been tutoring photographers and hobbiest in Photoshop for a year and a half.


When you purchase any action set or package of actions, you can also purchase an hour of one on one tutoring specifically to learn how to use any of my actions. I can teach you everything from how to install and run and action, to using the layer masks in the actions for the most professional results.

To learn more about the Actions Tutoring, click here, and scroll toward the bottom of the page.
MCP Actions is looking for your ideas for 2008.


I have gotten many emails asking what actions I will be creating next. I have a few things I have been thinking about, but I really want to make things my past customers will find helpful to their photography and editing. So now is your chance.

What actions or products are you hoping I create next? What do you want to see in 2008?

Please forward any responses to me at

Anywone who replies will be entered in a drawing for my template set. If you already own it (as a result of purchasing 2 or more sets), then I will just send you a BIG thank you if you are the winner, and will pick a second name. I will pick the winner at random. My girls LOVE to pick names from a hat. And I will announce the winner in the next correspondence.

*************************************************To see this template set, visit my website at:


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