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Iran’s cultural diversity documented by Hossein Fatemi


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Photographer Hossein Fatemi reveals the cultural diversity in Iran, a country where some people enjoy their passions in secret, far away from “Big Brother’s eyes”.

When asked what they know about Iran, most people would issue responses consisting of war, nuclear weapons, public executions, oppressed women, and controversies.

Iranian-born Hossein Fatemi is aiming to tell a different story about Iran. The photographer has set on a quest to document what is happening behind closed doors and prove that Iranian people are not brainwashed or soulless folks.

They have their own passions just like you and me, they have fun, and their lives are more complex than the media wants us to think. Unfortunately, most of it happens “in the back”, away from the eyes of the watchful “Big Brother”.

Photographer Hossein Fatemi documents the cultural diversity in Iran

Hossein Fatemi has visited numerous countries. His portfolio is very impressive and it includes collaborations with The Guardian, The New York Times, The Times, The Washington Post, and National Geographic.

He has managed to capture the life behind the scenes in Iran. People are not allowed to drink alcohol in Iran, such beverages being particularly forbidden to women.

Nevertheless, alcohol consumption is pretty widespread in Iran among both men and women. Moreover, girls are not allowed to party with men, but Fatemi has caught a glimpse of how they manage to have fun together.

The collection also includes a photo of women playing pool in a billiards room. As you have probably guessed by now, this thing is forbidden as well.

Iranian people love rock music and dogs

These behind-the-scenes photos include rock bands as their subjects. This may sound weird to you, but rock music is banned in Iran. However, people are practicing in secret locations and rock concerts take place in undisclosed venues.

In public, women are forced to wear a burqa. Things change when they are at home, where they can wear shirts and are allowed not to conceal their heads. However, some positive exceptions are underwear shops and beauty salons.

Another forbidden thing is to own dogs. Apparently, these lovely creatures are “unclean” animals. Owners must keep them inside as taking them outside could cause an outrage and policemen would immediately rush to the scene and confiscate their barking friends.

Photographer Hossein Fatemi also has a personal website where he shares his stories and photos, and the ways you can get in contact with him.

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