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Hossein Zare’s black and white photography ideas using Nikon D7000


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Hossein Zare is a popular photographer, with more than 366,000 views on the 500px photo sharing website. His latest photos include minimalistic black and white photography, which is said to inspire awe in the hearts of viewers.

Black and white photography is appreciated by a lot of people, but not all photographers can do it right. Hossein Zare published his ideas regarding black-and-white photography using a minimalistic approach.

Black and white photography done right

The Iranian photographer does not focus only on black and white photos, but the latest uploads in his photo-stream are dominated by this approach. His work is described as an invitation for all viewers into a never-ending journey. The series is called Passenger and it depicts a man’s journey to the unknown, looking for hope and the meaning of life.

However, the beginning of the journey remains unknown, just like its end. Viewers are seeing a man alone in his quest to find hope, but sometimes the expectations of the wanderer will not be met in real life. These amazing images will make the viewer raise questions about life and where is it taking us.

These photos appear to say that not all people find their path in life, but this does not mean they cannot try. Anybody can use the photos as an opportunity to lay back for a while and ponder life’s meaning. Staring too much at Hossein Zare’s photos may make the viewers confused about what is real and what is not.

All people will reach a crossroad sometime during their lifetime, forcing them to make an important choice, though it is not relevant whether it is the right call or not.

Hossein Zare’s Passenger black and white photography

Intriguing titles have been chosen by the photographer as his photos show an “alone passenger” who was “forced to leave.” The passenger will sometimes go the “wrong way,” but that does not bother him as it is his “choice.” Although it is difficult to be “alone in life” and to “walk in the fog”, the passenger cannot stop looking for hope. Had the “true choice” revealed itself, in the end he would not have walked this path “in vain.”

The photographer used a Nikon D7000 DSLR camera to shoot these photos, in combination with a 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G lens and a 50mm f/1.4G prime lens. Hossein Zare is located in Bushehr, Iran, though the location of the photo shoot remains unknown.

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