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How to Fake Beautiful Autumn Colors If You Live in the South


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Before and After Step-by-Step Edit: How to Fake Beautiful Autumn Colors if You Live in the South

Not everyone is lucky enough to live in a climate with a full four seasons.  If you live in the South, as our customer Kristi does, you may crave the rich jewel tones of Autumn.  If your leaves don’t turn red and golden yellow, you have two choices. Capture reality or switch things up after the fact.  If you love the idea of these tones, but don’t have access to leaves that change color, learn how our customer used Autumn Equinox Photoshop Actions to accomplish this look where she lives in Texas.  If you live in a warmer location or just want to adjust the tones of a Summer, Spring or Winter image, we will tell you a quick way to get these results.


Today’s Featured Image:

By: Kristi Butler

Studio: Memories in a Flash Photography 

Camera and Lens Used: Canon 6D, 135L

ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed: ISO 800, f/2.2, SS 1/400


how-to-add-autumn-colors How to Fake Beautiful Autumn Colors If You Live in the South Blueprints Photoshop Actions

The step-by-step:

Software Used: Elements (Kristi used Elements – but you can also do this with our Photoshop version)
Actions/Presets Used: Autumn Equinox Photoshop Actions, Inspire Photoshop Actions

Manual Edits:

  • Used high pass to highlight eyes
  • Added a levels layer set to luminosity just on skin.

Inspire Photoshop Actions:

  • Ran Brilliant Base

Autumn Equinox Photoshop Actions:

  • Painted on the trees with Autumn Equinox Fall Foliage
  • Used Burn Firewood to add a bit more boost of reds/oranges



This image first appeared on our Show and Tell site:

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