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How To Get QUICK Answers to Photography and Photoshop Questions


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As my email box fills up daily with interesting questions from blog readers, customers, and photographers, I am only one person and cannot always get to them all.  And many times, the questions are beyond my scope of knowledge as it comes to questions like “where can I buy that cool new wood flooring” or “how do I get great off camera flash pictures?” You get the idea.

To me, the best resource for asking photography and photoshop related questions, are photography forums.  Why? Because you have hundreds or even thousands of members in a forum, and those who are available, spend time reading and answer the questions in which they are most knowledgeable. Basically instead of just one person’s wisdom, you get many.

So now, if you too agree this is great, “how do you decide which photography forum is for you?” Well, join one or two, spend time getting to know the forum and its members, and see if it is the right fit.  There are some forums that I cannot stand.  Others I love.  And some in between, where I only go for specific things, like buying or selling gear, or getting answers to specific questions.

Currently, there is one forum I visit daily – the Click In Moms Photo Forum, and a few others I make it to weekly, listed in the “Equipment FAQs“.  ClickInMoms is an amazing group of helpful woman, and a few men mixed in.  And has the feel of a true community. I really love it there.  I interviewed Kendra Okolita, the owner of the forum, in summer of 2009, and she is an amazing mom, photographer, and marketing genius.

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Her forum is built on referrals from members, and since it is a paid forum, though a great value, she shares the profits with the members through an affiliate program. I am a part of this, and if you join me there through one of these links, I get a few dollars back.

The other cool part is that you can WIN stuff too.  Once or twice a year she has an amazing contest. A new referral contest started yesterday.  So if you join, even for just a month, you can try and win FREE stuff like a $25 Starbucks Gift Card, $50 ITunes  Gift Card, $75 Gap/Banana/Old Navy Gift Card, $100 Amazon Gift Card, a Wacom Intuos4, an Apple Iphone or Ipad or even a Canon EOS 5D Mark II Digital Camera. So if you are thinking of joining, check it out for a month, and use the code FRIEND for 10% off. And you and I both can start earning prizes too, as they are earned individually, not a competition against other members.


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