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How to wirelessly tether your Canon 1D X for less than $100


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A photographer has revealed a guide which will allow Canon 1D X users to wirelessly tether the DSLR camera using less than $100 and a few simple tricks.

The Canon 1D X is widely regarded as the flagship DSLR camera of the Japan-based manufacturer. It has been introduced almost two years ago, in October 2011, and it continues to draw a lot of praises from lensmen worldwide.

canon-1d-x-wireless-tethering How to wirelessly tether your Canon 1D X for less than $100 Fun

Canon 1D X supports wireless tethering with a simple trick and a Netgear WNCE2001 Universal WiFi Internet Adapter, which is available for less than $50. Credits: William Bennett.

Wireless tethering can be easily added to the Canon 1D X for $600, but…

One of the interesting capabilities of the DSLR consists of its Ethernet port. It is very useful when photographers want to easily transfer their pictures to a computer.

However, the port has been added in order to be connectable to a wireless transmitter, such as the WFT-E6A and the WFT-E7A.

Unfortunately for many people, these adapters are very expensive. The WFT-E6A is available for about $600, while the WFT-E7A can be purchased for about $850.

These amounts are out of reach for photographers who squeezed their last cents to buy an expensive camera, therefore they prefer to look for an alternative.

Photographer William Bennett proves that you can do it for less

After a huge internal struggle, photographer William Bennett has decided that it is time to take matter into his own hands and see how he can “trick” the system. The solution presented itself quickly and, more importantly, much cheaper.

Bennett found out that he could use a regular wireless adapter, therefore he purchased the Netgear WNCE2001 universal WiFi Internet adapter, which is currently available at Amazon for $42.20.

It is worth noting that the wireless adapter will require a power source. If you are nowhere near a plug, then you will have to use a Li-On battery pack, which is a bit more expensive.

The advantage is that many photographers already own one, so this would help you keep the costs down.

canon-1d-x-wireless-tethering-setup How to wirelessly tether your Canon 1D X for less than $100 Fun

Canon EOS Utility Software must be installed on a Mac OS X or Windows PC. After that, photographers will have to set up the connection. Credits: William Bennett.

All that is left now is to set up the camera

After purchasing the aforementioned two products, users will have to install and configure the Canon EOS Utility Software on a Mac OS X or Windows computer.Both of them will work just fine and William has a step-by-step guide available at his official website.

The guide is aimed and non-tech-savvy people, as experienced computer users should be able to configure the camera and the software in no time.

The result is simply amazing, as the Canon 1D X will be connected to the internet and photographers will be able to immediately store their pictures on a computer.

This is very useful when taking many photos and it plays well with studio lensmen.

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