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Human-animal hybrids portrait photos in Therianthropes series


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Photographer Ulric Collette has created an image series, called “Therianthropes”, which consists of portraits of subjects who are part human and part animals.

Humans have always been fascinated about “mixed” creatures, made out of “parts” from various animals and humans. It sounds pretty strange but the Greek mythology has been full of such subjects, with the Minotaur being the most famous of them.

man-deer Human-animal hybrids portrait photos in Therianthropes series Exposure

Portrait of a man-deer in the “Therianthropes” series. Credits: Ulric Collette.

Photographer Ulric Collette shoots portrait photos of human-animal hybrids in Therianthropes series

A photographer has decided to get inspiration from the writings and other forms of Greek mythology art and put together a series of intriguing, but nicely-done photos.

The Minotaur had the head of a bull and the body of a man, therefore Ulric Collette’s subjects are built around the same idea: the bodies are human, while the heads represent different animals.

female-eagle Human-animal hybrids portrait photos in Therianthropes series Exposure

A female-eagle hybrid with the body of a woman and head of an eagle. Credits: Ulric Collette.

Artist first took portraits of stripped-down subjects, then attached animal heads on them in post-production

Looking at these photos would certainly make a lot of people feel uncomfortable. These composite shots have been edited in a program, most likely Photoshop, and if you did not know any better, then you would have certainly fallen for them.

This project involved stripping down the subjects and then attaching animal heads to them in post-processing. This is why you will have to be careful when checking out the photographer’s entire collection. Some images are not-safe-for-work. We will not show them here, but you can check them out at the artist’s official website.

man-bear Human-animal hybrids portrait photos in Therianthropes series Exposure

This roaring man-bear looks scary, but he’s not going to eat you. Credits: Ulric Collette.

There are lots of similarities between humans and animals, you just have to look closer

Quebec-based Collette does not provide an explanation as to why the “Therianthropes” has been created and what the human-animal hybrid creatures want to express. However, viewers cannot help but be intrigued by the entire project and personal opinions are rarely identical to an artist’s original idea.

Recently, we have seen a photographer showing the genetic resemblance between “Boys and Their Fathers” by Craig Gibson. Some sons really do look like their fathers, but animals are rarely portrayed as being similar to humans.

Nevertheless, one could say that all humans and animals share a common ancestor, therefore some DNA traits are found in all life on Earth.

man-dog Human-animal hybrids portrait photos in Therianthropes series Exposure

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend. This man-dog suggest that they are one and the same. Credits: Ulric Collette.

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