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I-Scura pinhole camera designed to look like a giant human eye


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Photographer Justin Quinnell has created a pinhole camera, called I-Scura, which resembles a human eye, worn directly on one’s head.

Pinhole cameras are every photographer’s favorite do-it-yourself crafts. They feel that it is nice to get back to the roots from time to time. Moreover, such “devices” can be made out of the simplest materials you can find, like a shoe box, while the rest is ensured by your creativity.

i-scura-pinhole-camera I-Scura pinhole camera designed to look like a giant human eye Fun

This is the I-Scura pinhole camera designed to look like a giant human eye. Photographer and creator Justin Quinnell has used regular materials and objects to make it, such as laundry basket and a 3-diopter lens found in reading glasses.

I-Scura pinhole camera created out of a laundry basket, trash can lid, and a 3-diopter lens

Photographer Justin Quinnell has plenty of imagination and his latest pinhole camera project is called I-Scura.

The artist has decided to “MacGyver” a pinhole camera out of a laundry basket, a conventional lens, and a shower curtain among others. Usually, these objects to not have anything in common. However, where there is a will, there is a way.

Quinnell has taken a laundry basket and drilled a big hole at its bottom, in order to provide enough room for a human head to go through it. After that, he put a shower curtain to cover the top of the basket. The image will be projected on it, but it is worth noting that a dust sheet will work just as fine.

The other part of the I-Scura pinhole camera consists of trash can lid taken from a bin with a flipping top. His version measured about 26 centimeters, but the size might vary depending on the bin. After a drilling a hole,  3-diopter lens has been added into the mix.

i-scura-photo I-Scura pinhole camera designed to look like a giant human eye Fun

Upside down photo captured with the I-Scura pinhole camera.

Photographer Justin Quinnell made it to look like a giant eye which can be worn on your head

A laundry basket and a trash can lid are not exactly the type of things you want to see on one’s head while walking on the street, so with a little bit of paint, glue, and other waste materials, the I-Scura now looks like a giant human eye.

People might be scared of you on the street, but the wearer will face some “technical” difficulties while walking, since the image is projected upside down, so he should be the frightened one.

Nevertheless, many folks agree that there are so many wrong things with this world, that it is actually “upside down”. Well, thanks to the I-Scura, you will get to “view the world as it should be seen”, as the photographer puts it.

If you do not have the skills to create your own I-Scura pinhole camera, then you should go to summer festivals, where Justin Quinnell will present his work to the general public or get more details at the photographer’s website.

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