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iblazr is the world’s first fully-synced flash for smartphones


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Ukraine-based iblazr lab has introduced the world’s first fully-syncronized flash for iOS and Android devices.

Most mobile devices tend to stop taking decent shots whenever light is nowhere to be found. This is why they would require better flashes, though the best decision would be to switch to dedicated cameras.

Either way, flashes found in smartphones and tablets are not among the most powerful available on the market. Actually, tablets should not be used for taking photos at all, but if you are doing it anyway, then you should try to capture the best photos given the harsh conditions.

iblazr-led-flash iblazr is the world's first fully-synced flash for smartphones News and Reviews

iblazr LED flash is aimed at iOS and Android mobile devices. It is the first fully-syncronized external flash for smartphones and tablets, the company says, and it is available for pre-order on Kickstarter.

iblazr lab introduces the iblazr LED flash for iOS and Android devices

Thankfully, accessory makers are spending a lot of time on research and they have managed to come up with yet another great invention. It is called iblazr and it consists of the first external flash in the world that is fully synchronized with iOS and Android devices.

The iblazr has been developed by iblazr lab in Kiev, Ukraine and it is available for pre-order on Kickstarter.

Smartphone and tablet users will need to download a free app to make use of the iblazr flash

According to the developers, the iblazr consists of multiple LEDs created by US-based Cree. The accessory can be easily attached to any smartphone or tablet with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The key is a free application which will become available for download for iOS and Android users. This means that Windows Phone, BlackBerry, or other OS users will not be able to take advantage of the flash’s capabilities due to a lack of an app.

The special iblazr app will allow photographers to syncronize the flash speed with the shutter speed of their smartphone or tablet among others.

Built-in battery provides more than 1,000 flashes on a single charge

The iblazr flash does not require purchasing a battery, as it has its own built-in one. The company says that a single charge will guarantee 1,000 flashes, but it could go on beyond that.

There will be a “constant light mode”, meaning that users will be able to use it as a flashlight for up to 40 minutes. The flash will be easily rechargeable through a USB cable provided in the package.

Want it? Back the project on Kickstarter

iblazr is available on Kickstarter, but the company still needs funding. The goal has been set at $58,000 and more than $24,000 have been raised with 39 days to go.

There is enough time to raise the required amount, but if you want a powerful flash for your iPhone or Android smartphone, then you should go ahead and donate a few bucks.

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