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Ikelite releases Nikon D7100 underwater housing


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Ikelite has announced the first underwater housing for the Nikon D7100, the latest DSLR camera coming from the Japanese company.

Nikon has introduced the D7100 on February 21, 2013. It did not take too long for Ikelite, a popular underwater systems maker, to release a waterproof housing for the DSLR camera.

Nikon D7100 underwater housing revealed by Ikelite

Ikelite is constantly releasing underwater housings for Nikon cameras. Before the D7100, the D5200 DSLR has also received a treat from the company, allowing its owners to start filming the ocean’s depths.

The Nikon D7100 underwater housing from Ikelite provides easy access to the shooter’s most important functions and settings. Additionally, it offers  improved control over the flash, thanks to its integrated TTL circuit, which is compatible with the company’s DS Substrobes.

Waterproof DSLR housing down to 200 feet

Ikelite’s accessory for the Nikon DSLR boasts a depth rating of 200 feet / 60 meters. This means that photographers will not be capable of diving all the way to the ocean’s floor, but they will record improved videos or take beautiful photos of the underwater life at an acceptable depth.

One of the company’s advantages consists of the ergonomic handles. The pair of rubber grips is very comfortable, while the camera can be easily carried around with only one hand.

Ikelite’s underwater housing offers controls for all significant settings and buttons

The other hand can be used for controlling the camera’s settings, such as the shutter speed and aperture. All of the DSLR’s functions can be accessed on the underwater housing, with two exceptions: depth-of-field preview and the diopter adjustment.

Users can easily start recording films by pressing the dedicated video button. The zoom knob is also accessible without taking the hands off the rubberized handles.

According to Ikelite, the waterproof housing can be easily mounted on the camera. The o-ring seals are visible, while the product is made out of polycarbonate and corrosion-proof materials.

Ikelite sells the accessory at decent price rates, but a separate lens port is required

The Nikon D7100 underwater housing measures 10.2 x 6.9 x 6.5-inches, while weighing 5.9 pounds (without the handles). It is available right now for a price of $1,500 at select retailers across the United States.

As usual, the lens ports are not included in the price. They have to be purchased separately and price depends on the lens. The accessory can be bundled with other products, such as a DS Substrobe and an LED video light, the latter being helpful for improved brightness while recording movies.

The Nikon D7100 employs a 24.1-megapixel image sensor without an anti-aliasing filter, 3.2-inch high-resolution display, OLED viewfinder, 51-point autofocus system, full HD video recording, dual SD card support, and an EXPEED 3 image processor.

Amazon is currently selling the Nikon D7100 DSLR camera for a price of $1,196.95 for body-only.

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