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Important MCP info + the Winner of the Tracy Joy $50 gift certificate…


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1st I want to thank everyone for participating in this contest.  I am so glad that so many of you love the actions I create.  And I loved hearing what you want to see in the future.

I am thinking that you may not know about a few of my action sets based on the answers of what you want to see. 

Many of you said you wanted to see texture actions.  I have actions that create textures for you – they are part of the “Frosted Memories Set.”  You may have meant that you want to see actual hand created textures, but if so, those are jpgs not actions.  If that is what you meant, please let me know.  The textures in the Frosted Memories set are really fun and something worth considering.

Another thing so many said they wanted to see was template actions.  I actually have these too.  They are not template psds with themes.  They are actual templates (I call them “Tell a Storyboard Actions”).  They are in a seperate category on my site.  If you never noticed them there, can you please reply and tell me.  Maybe I need to reorganize the site or rename the category better so people know they are there.  There are literally hundreds of template – storyboard – collage actions.  Plus they include 3 videos teaching you how to use digital scrapbook papers with them, add text, change colors, etc.

Lastly, a group of you mentioned border actions.  What type of borders are you envisioning?  My gallery frames action set has many simple style borders.  I am wondering if you mean more of a sloppy border.  Most of these are not actionable – they would need to be files where you move the border onto your photo.  If you really want sloppy borders and tons of them, OnOne has an amazing program called PhotoFrame 3.  You can save money on these by using these MCP exclusive codes:

MCPACTN – good for 10% off

MCPFTY – good for $50 off any professional version of their software – or their full suite

As for what the rest of you want, some of the things can be made into actions, some cannot.  I will keep these in mind as I create.

AND SOME EXCITING NEWS!  I am working very hard on some new actions.  They have been in development for over 3 months and I am now getting to the naming stage.  Then will come testing.  Then marketing.  And then release.  My goal is to get these ready in the next month.  We will see…  As of now, one is going to be the most incredible BIG set (could be even bigger and as amazing as the quickie collection – but very different).  The second set, well it is top secret.  But if you blog or have a website, you will want to keep watching for it.  I promise it is unique!  And fun!

Ok, now that I am done with my rambling…  The winner of the Tracy Joy $50 gift certificate is: #20 – Vanessa.  I will email your info to Tracy.  She is out of town through Monday, so she will get back with you on how to get your prize early next week.  Thanks! and Congratulations.

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  1. Vanessa on August 2, 2008 at 9:56 am

    ohhhh YIPPIE! Thank you soo much! I can’t wait for the email and get to shop at Tracy Joy! Thanks again!!!

  2. Natalie on August 2, 2008 at 3:05 pm

    VERY good to know about the textures within Frosted Memories – I was not aware of that!! Thank you again for such awesome actions!

  3. Maria Hays on August 4, 2008 at 1:50 am

    I’m excited to see your upcoming actions, they sound great!! If you need anyone to test them out and give feedback, lol, I would love to be a guinea pig 😉

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