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Inclusive Digital Camera concept features a rotating screen


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Designer Andrew James Warner has revealed a camera concept, called Inclusive Digital Camera, which allows photographers to capture photos in a more comfortable way.

All digital cameras are based virtually on the same design line. Compacts look the same, while the similarities between DSLRs are also “too visible”. Unfortunately, nothing much has changed in the previous years, but designer Andrew James Warner is proposing a different approach.

Inclusive Digital Camera concept will be adored by photographers looking to capture photos in a more comfortable way

A lot of photographers complain about the fact that photographing on the go makes them physically uncomfortable. Shooting with a tripod is easier, but not all people like to carry around heavy equipment.

Besides, photographers who shoot on the streets have to constantly move and setting the tripod in multiple locations does not really adhere to the whole “comfortable photography” idea.

Andrew James Warner proposes a concept called Inclusive Digital Camera. It has been designed to be ergonomic. Additionally, shooting with a flexible viewfinder can be achieved without too much effort.

Warner believes that taking photos from the waistline is a lot more convenient than regular shooting. According to the designer, this will relieve the pressure off the wrist, while allowing photographers to move their fingers freely.

Four flashes and rotating screen for shooting in both portrait and landscape modes with ease

The Inclusive Digital Camera also comes packed with four flashes, providing better lighting. The 360-degree flash is helpful as it does not matter how the photographer holds the camera in his hand.

Speaking of which, the screen can rotate, therefore it will be easier to capture photos in portrait and landscape modes. People will be able to easily switch between the two modes by rotating the screen with 90 degrees.

Inclusive Digital Camera will support inductive charging

Most cameras are aimed at right-handed people, since the shutter button is placed on the right. However, the Inclusive Digital Camera packs a pair of shutter and zoom buttons on each side of the device.

Andrew James Warner added that his camera concept also features Bluetooth, so that photographs can be easily shared to a smartphone or tablet.

It will be powered by a Li-ion battery, which can be recharged through inductive technology. Wireless charging is becoming a thing and the designer felt that it would be easier to refill the camera’s battery by placing it on a induction charging pad.

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