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Innovative Sony lens-camera rumored to be announced soon


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Sony is working on a new type of lens that features an integrated image sensor. The product should be released in the near future and revolutionize the camera industry.

You have seen it many times. Companies and inventors have demonstrated lenses with built-in sensors. The concepts seemed like a crazy idea, but so did digital photography decades ago.

As the industry is moving forward faster than ever before, big-name manufacturers are looking for ways to revolutionize the digital segment. Although these types of lenses appear to very far away from becoming a real product, Sony might have actually found the winning formula and it might release one of them soon.

sony-lens-camera Innovative Sony lens-camera rumored to be announced soon Rumors

Sony lens-camera can be attached to smartphones and tablets using magnets. The innovative product will send pictures to mobile devices through WiFi or NFC.

Sony lens-camera with NFC and WiFi support can be attached to smartphones and tablets

Sources have revealed that the Sony lens-camera will feature Near Field Communication (NFC) and WiFi technologies. Users will be able to attach the device to smartphones and tablets with the help of magnets.

When attached to mobile devices, the gadget will send pictures and videos through NFC. Since not all smartphones and tablets come equipped with NFC, WiFi will prove to be a very useful feature.

Furthermore, smartphone and tablet users will be able to download the images streamed to their gadgets via WiFi or NFC.

Sony’s revolutionary device to get its image sensor and lens from the RX100 II

It is unknown how the technology works, as people familiar with the matter have only revealed that a device’s screen will act as a Live View for the lens-camera.

Another important thing is that the sensor will be decently-sized, as it will be the same as the one found in the new Sony RX100 II. The recently-introduced shooter features a 1″-type 20.2-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor.

Additionally, the new product will also borrow the Zeiss 28-100mm f/1.8-4.9 zoom lens (35mm equivalent) from the RX100 II.

PlayStation maker set to release the lens-camera soon

Other features provided by the upcoming Sony lens-camera are built-in battery and storage solution, meaning that it will not use your device’s accumulator or memory.

The Sony i1 Honami is just a few weeks away and it is very likely that the lens-camera is coming on the same date as the new mobile phone.

Meanwhile, the dedicated digital camera, named RX100 II, is available for pre-order at Amazon and B&H Photo Video for $748.

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