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Instagram introduces image feed on the web


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After two years of focusing on mobile devices, Instagram has finally arrived on desktop browsers.

Instagram was launched back in October 2010 as a tiny app with a few filters for mobile users to edit their photos. The app’s popularity skyrocketed only weeks after its launch, and, eventually, it received more filters, more options, and an uncanny favoritism in the mobile photo-editing segment. Two-and-a-half years later, the app is no longer bound to smartphones and tablets, it is also available for desktop browsers, with support for comments and likes.

instagram-web-feed Instagram introduces image feed on the web News and Reviews

Instagram users can now see entire image feeds, like photos and post comments.

Instagram’s idea of a full image feed on the web

Many users practically begged Instagram to launch a desktop version of the application, but the company said that it was only considering this idea and invited users not to hold their breath over it. Shortly after the company was purchased by Facebook, it became clear to analysts that a web version of the app would become available in the near future.

Even if the company’s co-founder, Kevin Systrom, says that the app’s core is to take “photos on-the-go”, everything changes and after giving users the possibility to check out profiles and photos on the web, now they are allowed to browse entire Instagram feeds, like photos and post comments, so it is very likely that the service will evolve into something much bigger.

The web browser experience is not so different from the mobile version, as everything is pretty much the same, except it does not occur on a smartphone or a tablet. The reason behind this decision was the fact that users were already accustomed with the interface, therefore there was no need to significantly alter the design.

Web-based Instagram feed, but no support for uploading

The feeds are available on Instagram and can be accessed by anybody with an account. There is a like button, but photos can be “liked” by double-clicking on them as well. The browsing experience will be similar to the mobile one if the users shrink the page, as the space around the feed will be gone.

For the moment, co-founder Kevin Systrom confirmed that users will not get access to uploading photos via the web. The main reason is because Instagram is about creating, editing and sharing photos on-the-go, not at home. The web feed is intended for those who want to enjoy or review the photos of the people they follow to make sure that they have not missed something during the day.

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