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Instagram-like Mount July filters coming to DSLR cameras soon


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A pair of product design students at Stanford has revealed Mount July, a project which consists of physical Instagram-like filters, in order to add radially graduated colors to your photos.

Instagram has become one of the most popular photo-editing and sharing services on the web thanks to its extended list of filters. However, some photographers believe that digitally-processing images is not the same as capturing the real deal.

Mount July to bring better-than-Instagram filters to your DSLR cameras

As a result, Mount July was born, courtesy to Olivia Vagelos and Martin Bush, who are studying product design at Stanford.

The Mount July series of filters will provide retro-looking effects, if you attach them to your lenses on DSLR or film cameras. They can be easily mounted on your lens, in order to offer radially graduated colors.

The two students say that the creative possibilities are virtually endless, since the filters can be rotated, offering different colors depending on their position. Additionally, they can also be used for capturing videos.

Mount July filters will be the world’s first multi-color radially graduated filters

Olivia and Martin say that linear gradient filters are already available on store-shelves. However, multi-color radially graduated filters for lenses are nowhere to be found. This is why the Mount July filters can be considered a revolutionary system for photographers.

The filters will create beautiful patterns, which were designed with a purpose, instead of being randomly added to the mix. Instagram does not offer too many customization, as its filters are fixed. However, Mount July can be rotated and photographer will eventually find the colors that best-suit the frame.

Kickstarter project to open its doors to donors this month

Stanford’s product design students claim that they will open a Kickstarter project by the end of April. The crowd-based funding platform is the perfect opportunity to allow Olivia and Martin to raise the money required to manufacture the first batch of Mount July filters.

Production will continue after shipping the first series, through the photographers will have to be patient and continue funding the two students.

Mount July will retail for less than $30 for 58mm camera lens owners

According to the project’s official Tumblr website, each Mount July filter will become available for less than $30.

The filters are made out of BK-7 multi-coated optical glass and are packed in a lightweight aluminum housing. They will be compatible with all 58mm lenses, while a step-up ring will bring support for 52mm optics.

One of Mount July’s advantages is that the filters can be stacked on top of each other, further increasing their creative abilities.

Olivia Vagelos and Martin Bush will keep the whole world posted when the Kickstarter project will finally go live over the following days.

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