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Instagram Video launched with movies of up to 15 seconds


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Facebook has introduced video support on Instagram, allowing users to upload Vine-like films of up to 15 seconds.

Ever since Facebook has purchased Instagram, the former has added a lot of features into the latter. The world’s largest social network has borrowed a few things from the photo-editing service, too, but Instagram is becoming stronger with the number of users increasing with each passing day.

When Twitter introduced Vine, allowing users to share short clips, the tech industry began asking itself when Instagram will make the same move. Well, it did not take too long as mobile users will see a video icon right next to the photo one in the application.

instagram-video Instagram Video launched with movies of up to 15 seconds News and Reviews

Instagram is now allowing users to upload videos on the social network. Android and iPhone users can share videos of up to 15 seconds and edit them using 13 filters.

Instagram finally responds to Twitter’s Vine with “Video” feature

Instagram Video has been announced as the latest feature for users during a special Facebook conference, as the rumor mill has been expecting.

Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom says that some stories cannot be told in a single photo. The photo-sharing service is now a video-sharing platform, too, allowing users to upload films up to 15 seconds, Systrom confirmed in a blog post.

Instagram Video clips cannot be shorter than three seconds

There is a minimum time limit, as well, and Instagrammers can upload videos of just three seconds. Systrom acknowledged that these time limits might change, but these are in the “Goldilocks zone” for now, because they are neither too short, nor too long.

Users can choose between 13 filters for their Instagram Video clips

The company’s co-founder has also revealed that Instagram is not going to lose its essence, as videographers will have 13 filters at their disposal to edit their short movies. It is unknown whether more are coming in the future, but these will do for the time being.

Sharing beautiful content is just one of the reasons why filters have been added. Systrom claims that Instagram videos must be beautiful “even when they’re not playing”.

Get Video on Instagram by downloading latest iOS and Android apps respectively

“Video on Instagram” is available as of right now for all users. However, iPhone owners will have to download version 4.0 at the iTunes Store, while Android users will need to install the same version from the Google Play Store.

Instagram says that users do not need to worry about privacy, because their videos will not be accessible to everyone, unless they agree to that. Only the Instagrammers who can see your images can also see your videos, Systrom confirmed.

Latest Instagram numbers are impressive, just like the Cinema feature for iPhone users

The company has revealed that more than 130 million users are accessing Instagram on a monthly basis. Moreover, there are more than 16 billion images on the platform and more than one billion likes are recorded daily.

Although the number of Android users is growing faster, the iPhone application has more features. iOS owners will see a special icon when editing videos. That new icon represents an option called Cinema and it allows iPhone 4S and 5 users to stabilize their films after taking them.

Stabilization can be turned off, but Instagram recommends that you leave it on, since iPhone videos tend to be a little shaky.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg did not comment on other upcoming features, though he did say that Instagram is not coming to Microsoft’s Windows Phone, yet, despite the fact that the platform is “interesting”.

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