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Instagraph app finally brings Instagram to Windows Phone 8


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An unofficial Instagram app, called Instagraph, is now available for download on Windows Phone 8 devices.

Instagram is one of the most popular photo-editing and social networking websites in the world. What started as a simple tool allowing mobile photographers to add that retro look to their images, has burst into this giant social network that a lot of people cannot live without.

Venetasoft releases Instagraph app, allowing Windows Phone 8 users to share photos on Instagram

Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 and it seems like the service does not seem to stop its growth. However, Instagram has never released an application for Windows Phone devices. WP7 has been overlooked, just like WP7.5 “Mango”. Then came WP8 and the situation still did not alter, at least until Venetasoft entered the fray.

Venetasoft has released a lot of applications for Microsoft’s mobile operating system, but the one called “Instagraph” is by far the most popular.

Instagraph is the first Windows Phone application which allow users to share photos on Instagram. All previous apps from various developers allowed WP owners to like photos and comment on them, but they could not upload any images.

One of the reasons why Instagram is not yet available on Windows Phone is that the company is keeping the Application Programming Interface (API) hidden from Microsoft’s platform, therefore preventing devs to create an app based on the Android or iOS counterparts.

Bypassing Instagram’s API is no easy task therefore Instagraph is not free

However, Venetasoft has uncovered a way of bypassing the lock API through Windows Azure servers. This is not against the company’s Terms of Service, but it means that the devs have to rent servers in order to share the photos.

As a result, Windows Phone 8 users can only upload three photos per day and purchase the app for $2.49. The Windows Marketplace is currently experiencing some issues and plenty of users have managed to buy the app for only $1.99, a small price to pay for such a long-expected feature.

Another downside of the app is the fact that it cannot access Instagram’s full list of filters and features. Instead it relies on the Aviary photo-editing tool, a program which is no longer available at the Windows Marketplace.

It is very likely that Instagram will change its Terms of Service in order to prevent Windows Phone users’ access or even threaten Venetasoft with a lawsuit, if all else fails, though the company has not issued an official statement, yet.

Servers are down, but will go back up soon

Less than 24 hours have passed since the app became available for download. However, this proved to be enough for Windows Phone 8 users to jam Venetasoft’s Azure servers.

The company has promised a fix by the end of the day. In all likelihood, the servers will go back online very soon.

Instagraph is available for download at the Windows Marketplace for $2.49 now.

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