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Intel-made infographic reveals what happens in an internet minute


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Intel has revealed an interesting infographic, showing what happens over the course of a minute on the internet.

Billions of people use the internet every day. Not all users do the same thing, but there are some services and websites which account for a huge amount of traffic. A group of engineers over at Intel have decided to gather as much data as possible, in order to find out what happens in an internet minute.

what-happens-in-an-internet-minute-intel-infographic Intel-made infographic reveals what happens in an internet minute Fun

More than 20 million Flickr photo views and 1.3 million YouTube video views are recorded in a minute, says an Intel-made infographic. Credits: Intel.

“What Happens in an Internet Minute?” infographic by Intel

The findings of the Intel researchers are overwhelming as about 640,000 GB of global IP data is transferred each minute. A lot of this traffic is related to photography and movie-sharing services, as Flickr, Facebook, and YouTube are among the websites which account for the biggest traffic.

According to Intel, 1.3 million video views are recorded and 30 hours worth of videos are uploaded on YouTube each minute. Additionally, Google is recording more than 2 million search queries in 60 seconds.

Flicks is recording 20 million photo views in a minute

As stated above, photo-sharing websites are among the leaders of the pack. Facebook is registering six million views and 277,000 logins over the same period of time. On the other hand, Flickr users view 20 million photos in a single minute.

A huge chunk of this traffic is coming from mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Intel expects mobile gadget sales to continue, thus the data transferred in a minute will keep on rising. More than 1,300 new people buy a mobile device each minute, while 47,000 app downloads are being recorded at the same time.

Other interesting numbers from Intel’s report reveal that 61,141 hours worth of music are listened on Pandora, 204 million emails are sent, and 100 LinkedIn accounts are created in a minute.

Twitter is another user-favorite as 100,000 new tweets and 320 new accounts show up with each minute passing by.

Amazon is selling $83,000 worth of stuff in 60 seconds

During the same period, Amazon manages to rack up $83,000 in sales, while Wikipedia grows with six articles.

Unfortunately, there are some sad details as well. It appears that 135 botnet infections occur concomitantly with 20 people becoming identity theft victims.

According to Intel, there are more than seven billion networked devices in the world, an amount similar to the number of people roaming the Earth. However, by 2015, the number of networked devices will be twice as big as the global population.

The traffic will reach impressive levels in 2015, says Intel. It will take five years for a human being to view all videos uploaded on the internet in a single second, concluded the infographic.

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