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Introducing MCP Actions NEW Tell a Storyboard Action Sets


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announcement-copy Introducing MCP Actions NEW Tell a Storyboard Action Sets Announcements Photoshop Actions

This is the Ultimate Collection of Storyboard, Collage, and Template Actions.

Three sets of Photoshop Actions designed to save you time, make you money, and help you design beautifulcreations. There are full written and video instructions for this set.

Every “Tell a Story-board” is done in black with white optional border overlays and white with black optional border overlays. The background colors may also be customized for complete flexibility.

Set 1: 10×20 | 20×10

60 storyboards in this collection – 30 unique designs

The most popular size storyboards.

Set 2: 20×20

38 storyboards in this collection – 19 unique designs

Square dimensions can be resized to create 16×16, 12×12, 10×10, 8×8 and more.

Set 3: The Variety Pack

80 storyboards in this collection – 40 unique designs

These come in a wide variety of sizes including:

5×30, 30×5, 10×30, 30×10, 30×30, 20×20, 20×24, 24×20, 16×20, 20×16, 11×14, 14×11, 10×20, 20×10, 4×10, 10×4{

Or get them all with the Ultimate 3 pack}

Click here to see these new, exciting sets! Here are a few quick examples:

Here is a quick glimpse at a few of my most popular actions.

Eye Doctor & Dentist: The best Eye Pop for sharp clear eyes plus teeth whitening.  This is the best product of this kind that is available.

Magic Skin | Magic Powder | Magic Foundation: Magically apply powder and foundation for milky smooth skin.  Rid skin of light acne, reduce wrinkles, smooth pores all by clicking play using these actions.  Skin Cast blast helps click away skin casts.

Complete Workflow Actions: Helps you take your photos from beginning to end.  These actions add color pop, contrast, sharpness and clarity to your photos.  Also convert your photo to black and white or vintage.

Quickie Collection: Edit your photo the way you want.  Using the actions you want.  This set has everything from under and over exposure fixers and color fixers, to urban cross processing, texture black and white conversions and much more.

Frosted Memories: Take your photos back in time for a classic look with these actions.  They have built in texture actions combined with haze and vintage with a twist.


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