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Funny images of J. W. Ocker enjoying life with two skeletons


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Photographer and author J. W. Ocker has created a photo series depicting himself and two of his skeleton companions doing regular things such as eating.

When people think about skeletons, they immediately associate it with spooky things. However, it is not always like this, as proven by photographer and author J. W. Ocker.

The writer has created a photo series consisting of hilarious images of himself and his two skeleton companions. His spooky friends are capable of doing human-like stuff, such as eating cereals and mowing the lawn. It is worth noting that they are eating monster-themed cereals called Chocula.

How to become friends with two skeletons by J. W. Ocker

A lot of people may be wondering how someone can become friends with skeletons. Well, the story is a lot more complicated than first thought. It has all started before Halloween 2012.

J. W. Ocker has purchased a plastic skeleton to use it as a Halloween decoration. One thing led to another and soon enough the object has been named “T”. Shortly after that, a second identical decoration has been purchased and called “C”. It was not long before they have begun filling a void in the author’s life, though he is married.

Speaking of marriage, “T” has helped J. W. Ocker to prank his wife. It was about that time when the photographer had decided to make another friend to spend time and have fun together.

Doing stuff is much more fun when a pair of bony objects are helping you

The trio appears to be very happy and enjoying life. One image shows them relaxing by the pool, though it does not look like there is very much sun around.

Beside eating cereals for breakfast, the three can be seen cooking dinner and having a lot of fun while they are at it. After dinner comes even more relaxation, which involves eating popcorn and watching a movie.

“Odd Things I’ve Seen” website documents life alongside “T” and “C”

The author has created a special blog to tell other people how it is like to live it two skeletons. The website is called “Odd Things I’ve Seen” or shortly “OTIS”.

J. W. Ocker looks carefree in most photos, exception the times when the skeletons are in charge of driving. This is certainly dangerous, but the they have done a good job so far.

For the latest updates regarding the life of the author and the two skeletons, viewers should check out the OTIS blog.

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