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“Judging America” project wants to put an end to prejudices


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Photographer Joel Parés is the creator of a portrait photo series, called “Judging America”, which is aimed at challenging all stereotypes and prejudices in a person’s mind.

Most people have prejudices. There are lots of stereotypes in this world and humans will simply judge you by your race, clothing, sexual orientation, or by how much money you have in your bank account or wallet.

Very often it happens that the stereotypes do not fit and that the prejudices are incorrect. Photographer Joel Parés is aiming to prove people wrong and to show them that judging some person before getting to know him is immoral.

His way to demonstrate that preconceived ideas are unjust is through photography. Joel Parés has published a series of portrait photos showing people wearing different clothes, revealing two sides of a human being. The project is called “Judging America” and it perfectly illustrates just how wrong a person can be.

Stereotypes and prejudices challenged through poignant portraits

The current events going on across the world are the perfect example that people judge other people incorrectly. However, Joel Parés’ source of inspiration comes from his childhood.

He has a twin brother, who has been “classified as a nerd” during childhood. It appears that his brother got bullied a lot and the other kids only stopped when Joel was there to protect his sibling.

As Joel grew up, he realized that these “nerds” were capable of accomplishing amazing things. The artist noticed that the “outer appearance” does not matter and that people have to look beyond one’s aspect in order to find out the one’s true capabilities and potential.

“Judging America” reveals that it does not matter how many tattoos are on you, what your sexual preference is, or what your race is. Joel Parés is inviting people to stop missing the point and to “think twice” before saying bad things to a person simply because one is different than them.

Another source of inspiration for “Judging America” was Joel Parés’ time in the US Marine Corps

Photographer Joel Parés has been with the US Marine Corps for about five years before taking the photography route. Being in the Marines has helped him discover his passion for photography, but it has also inspired him even further to create the “Judging America” project.

While getting some time off to spend with his friends, lots of people were shouting mean things to Joel’s buddies because they were from India. Although you try to ignore them, it is simply hard not to let them get to you. This is why you need to find a way to tell people they are wrong and that they should change.

We believe that this project sends a powerful message and that it needs to receive more attention from the public. More details can be found in Joel’s interview with RYOT, while more photos can be found at the photographer’s personal website.

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