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Juno Calypso’s strange auto-portraits of an opressed woman


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Young photographer Juno Calypso is the author of an impressive photo series depicting her alter ego, called Joyce, captured in all sorts of bizarre scenarios.

Photography feels like a full-time job that you actually get to enjoy, despite all those things that you must overcome as a lensman.

A lot of people do not get in touch with their creative side until they get much older, but there is a young photographer who has already won a few awards and has been a part of several exhibitions despite being born in 1989.

Her name is Juno Calypso and she already has a career-defining image project. It is all about “Joyce” and there are two series telling the life story of this character, who actually represents Juno’s alter ego.

Photographer Juno Calypso uses bizarre self-portraits to reveal her creepy alter ego called Joyce

The idea of creating a second personality that would feature in her photographs has ignited in Juno’s mind when she has begun experimenting with self-portraiture.

Joyce I and Joyce II series contain bizarre (and creepy for some) photos of Joyce, that seems to appear from nowhere and do all sorts of weird things in your house or at your office.

Calypso’s other personality is similar to Rose from the “Two and a Half Men”, who used to visit Charlie, with a dash of Jason from the “Friday the 13th” horror movies.

Talented young photographer’s vision is reminiscent to the one of the more popular Cindy Sherman

Once viewers conquer their fears they will begin to appreciate Juno Calypso for the genius that she is. The same strong points that have drawn comparisons with Cindy Sherman can be seen in the Joyce conceptual portraits.

The main subject looks blank, like she is lost in space, but the unsettling feelings will go away the more you look at the photos – or not!

Some might say that this may not be the best way to explore femininity. However, Joyce manages to show us that sometimes we expect too much from women and we should try to pay more attention to their feelings.

Joyce wants viewers to explore feminism and force them to give women a break

The photographer adds that, for too many years, humanity has been asking women to be perfect, which tends to become overwhelming at some point.

Apparently, we expect women to be sexy, to look good for us, to work harder than us, while being there for us whenever we want them to be.

Well, Joyce I and II may scare you a little, but in the end the series will remind you to stop oppressing the beautiful gender by having more realistic expectations.

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