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CES 2014: JVC Everio GZ-R70 and GZ-R10 camcorders unveiled


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JVC has officially announced two new Everio weather-proof camcorders, called GZ-R70 and GZ-R10, at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014.

The Consumer Electronics Show is an event where bridge cameras tend to be very popular. However, there is another category of devices that is expanded considerably during each CES edition: camcorders.

People like to capture their adventures on camera therefore companies must provide solutions for all types of consumers. JVC has also decided to join the CES 2014 party with a couple of weather-proof camcorders that will become available on the market this spring.

JVC introduces rugged Everio GZ-R70 and GZ-R10 camcorders at CES 2014

jvc-everio-gz-r10 CES 2014: JVC Everio GZ-R70 and GZ-R10 camcorders unveiled News and Reviews

JVC Everio GZ-R10 and GZ-R70 are two rugged camcorders with 40x optical zoom lenses.

JVC’s new series of camcorders consists of rugged models. It is called Everio and it is based on the “Quad Proof” idea introduced with the ADDIXION point-of-view action cams.

Quad Proof means that the pair is waterproof down to a depth of 16.4-feet, shockproof to drops from up to 4.9-feet, freezeproof down to temperatures of 14 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as dustproof.

Although they are not exactly high-end products, the new Everio GZ-R70 and GZ-R10 could become the first choice for a lot of videography passionates.

JVC Everio Quad Proof cameras feature 40x optical zoom lens

Videographers who purchase either one of the JVC Everio camcorders will have access to a 2.5-megapixel BSI CMOS image sensor, 40x optical zoom lens by Konica Minolta, 3-inch LCD touchscreen, and a microphone that “zooms” in and out with the lens.

The lens’ zooming capabilities can be extended digitally to 60x, thanks to the Dynamic Zoom technology. Another interesting system found in the GZ-R70 and GZ-R10 is called K2. Audio quality is boosted when capturing videos in order to make sure that the playback sound has the highest quality possible.

Moreover, video and audio data is processed by the Falconbird engine that provides high-grade footage and sound.

The battery is big enough to provide 4.5 hours of full HD video recording in harsh conditions. However, the cameras support 3rd-party external batteries, but they will have to be weather-proof as well, if you find yourself in harsh environments.

Availability information

The difference between the Everio GZ-R70 and GZ-R10 are that the former features built-in 32GB memory and an LED light, while the latter does not.

JVC will begin selling the GZ-R10 as of March for $399.95 and the GZ-R70 with its 32GB storage as of April for $499.95.

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