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Kate Parker captures enchanting photos of her two daughters


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Photographer Kate T. Parker is capturing beautiful photos of her two daughters, Ella and Alice, as they grow up and enjoy childhood as much as possible.

After seeing a collection of haunting and sad photos from the Chernobyl area, it is time to clean up our eyes with a series of magical photos of a couple of sweet children.

Professional photographer Kate T. Parker has decided that the childhood of her two daughters needs to be documented, so for the past three years she has been taking photos of them on a daily basis.

Kate Parker takes enchanting photos of her two daughters to document their childhood

When you think about children photography, you usually think about a female photographer who finds enough time to keep a house clean and take dozens of photos, while her man is at work.

Well, this stereotype is not entirely true, but photographer Kate Parker is living the dream. Photography is her passion and nothing makes her happier than capturing images of her children as they grow up.

Her portrait photography has Ella and Alice as the main subjects. The two daughters are now 8 and 5-years-old, respectively, and her mother has been their personal photographer for the past three years.

Kate says that she wants to immortalize “the fun and joy of childhood”, as the kids will eventually forget their past actions, while the photos will last forever.

Alice and Ella are always super happy and energetic

Most of these portraits are taken in black and white. The reason for that is because it adds a vintage feel to them, so the viewers will not focus on the time of their capture.

Nevertheless, the images will put a smile on your face as the two daughters are always exulting happiness.

Alice, the little one, is “chronically happy”, Kate says. The 5-year-old wants to dance, sing, and snuggle with the members of her family, but she will always do it while laughing.

On the other hand, Ella is a thoughtful person with “super high energy” that has not been “embarrassed by anything”.

Photographers wants to capture the changes in her daughters’ lives

The enchanting photos of Kate Parker also include some of her daughters’ friends. The freedom provided by childhood needs to have some friends in it, but there is no denial that change is happening at a fast pace.

The photographer adds that she wants to be there for Ella and Alice in order to capture the changes on camera and to show them “the terrible things they used to do” when they grow up.

Kate has a website where she invites visitors to discover her photography courtesy of her “virtual home”.

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