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Kickstarter hosting campaign for 50-gigapixel camera


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The 50-gigapixel camera developed by researchers at the Duke University is now available as a Kickstarter project, which will result in a trip to show the device to the world.

Scientists at the Duke University have revealed an impressive camera last year, which can be used to capture 50-gigapixel photos. It has been called AWARE-2 and it has been unveiled as a prototype.

duke-university-50-gigapixel-camera Kickstarter hosting campaign for 50-gigapixel camera News and Reviews

Duke University has demonstrated the capabilities of its 50-gigapixel camera before. Aqueti is looking to make you a part of history and organize several meetings, in order to capture some impressive panoramic shots.

Duke University’s 50-gigapixel camera goes live as a Kickstarter project, courtesy of Aqueti

Since this technology should be shared with more people, Duke’s neighbors, called Aqueti, have decided to take the device on a little trip with help from the Kickstarter crowd-funding platform.

The Aqueti team is looking to gather $25,000 from Kickstarter backers, in order to organize a series of events in North Carolina. People will be invited to gather at meetings around the state and the photographers will capture a series of images.

The final images will be viewable in an exhibition, while backers will receive printed copies or even digital ones for the right price. Aqueti’s Kickstarter campaign is called Carolina Zoomin’ and it could even allow supporters to get a “behind-the-scene” look at the whole deal.

50-gigapixel-panorama-photo Kickstarter hosting campaign for 50-gigapixel camera News and Reviews

AWARE-2 panorama photo compared to the same one taken with a Samsung Galaxy S3. The difference in quality is huge.

Tag yourself in an amazing panorama photo by pledging on Kickstarter

There are 26 days left until the closure of the project. The team needs $25,000 to get it working, while only $515 have been donated so far. If pledgers meet the goal amount, then there will be bigger stretch goals.

Reaching $50,000 will extend the photo shoot number to 10, $75,000 to 15, while $100,000 will make Aqueti organize 20 gatherings. The team behind the project will also upload the images on the web and they will allow people to tag themselves in the panoramic photos.

World’s first gigapixel camera uses 160 microcameras to capture the shot

The camera is capable of capturing images thanks to 160 image sensors measuring 14-megapixel. It can capture color photos at a total resolution of 50-gigapixel, while being able to shoot 10fps videos at more than 1-gigapixel.

Each 14-megapixel microcamera takes RAW photos at 2.24-gigapixels, then Aqueti stitches them all in a 50-gigapixel panorama image.

The AWARE-2 gigapixel camera also sports auto and manual focus, ISO up to 1,600, and a 12-bit depth, among others. If you want to organize a photo shoot for yourself using this astonishing device, then you will be able to do so by pledging $10,000 to the cause.

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