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Kodak-branded Micro Four Thirds camera to be released in Q3 2013


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China was witness to a new Kodak-branded camera which was shown off at a press conference in Peking. The new Micro Four Thirds camera is planned for release during the later parts of the third quarter of 2013, states PConline.

The Kodak brand might make a return to the digital camera market in the near future. JK Imaging, the rightful owners to the Kodak brand, has revealed a mirrorless camera with a Micro Four Thirds sensor in China.

The new device is referred to as PixPro S1 and it will come packed with built-in WiFi technology. The new mirrorless interchangeable lens shooter will support all MFT optics when it becomes available on the market in Q3 2013.

pix-pro-S1 Kodak-branded Micro Four Thirds camera to be released in Q3 2013 News and Reviews

JK Imaging’s Kodak PixPro S1 Micro Four Thirds camera is rumored to have a WiFi smartphone-connect option.

JK Imaging reveals Kodak PixPro S1 mirrorless camera in China

Though not Kodak made, the new Kodak S1 was officially presented in a press conference in Peking. Made by JK Imaging, the new Micro Four Thirds camera is going to have a built in WiFi transmission function.

This means that the content shot by the camera can be immediately transferred to a user’s smartphone or tablet. It also features remote shooting, letting the user control the camera wirelessly from a mobile device.

It is rumored that the new Kodak-branded camera will use a Sony back-illuminated CMOS sensor, but the info was not officially confirmed. By using the Micro Four Thirds mount, Kodak gains access to most of Panasonic’s and Olympus’ lenses.

JK Imaging, an upstart business started in October 2012, won the Kodak name licensing. Not many details are known about the business, but it seems that it already made some moves on reintroducing Kodak in the digital camera market.

Kodak sold at the beginning of this year most of licensing rights and patents to third parties. In 2012, the company ceased the production of digital cameras, pocket video cameras and digital picture frames, willing to remain only in the digital imaging market.

It is one of the most popular names in the photography world, so it would be a pity to never make a return to this industry. Either way, stay tuned to Camyx to see if Kodak will get back into action by the end of this year!

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