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Kodak S-1 Micro Four Thirds camera officially announced, again


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Kodak continues its CES 2014 journey with the launch of its Micro Four Thirds camera, called S-1, as well as multiple other camcorders and bridge shooters.

The Consumer Electronics Show 2014 has been kind to photography fans as it has brought them countless new cameras, lenses, and camcorders among others. Moreover, it has also featured a brand that a lot of people continue to adore: Kodak.

The former imaging giant is back on the market thanks to JK Imaging, a company which owns the licensing rights for the Kodak brand. After introducing the SL10 and SL25 Smart Lenses, the next announcement is aimed at professional users: the S-1 Micro Four Thirds camera is official, again.

Kodak S-1 camera with Micro Four Thirds sensor unveiled once again, this time at CES 2014

JK Imaging has presented its MFT shooter to the public a long time ago, but it has been forced to delay it several times. Now, the Kodak S-1 is finally official as the company’s first shooter with a Micro Four Thirds image sensor.

It sports a 16-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor and a 3-inch articulated LCD screen on the back that will also act as a Live View mode.

The specs list also includes sensor-shift Optical Image Stabilization technology, which will be really helpful in low-light conditions or to stabilize camera shakes.

Additionally, the Kodak S-1 records full HD videos and it is powered by a Li-Ion battery. Apparently, it will be released soon for a price of $499 with a lens kit, while a dual lens kit will set you back $599.

Kodak AZ651 becomes Astro Zoom’s flagship camera thanks to a 65x optical zoom lens

kodak-ces-2014 Kodak S-1 Micro Four Thirds camera officially announced, again News and Reviews

Kodak has been very active at CES 2014 by announcing a Micro Four Thirds camera and plenty of other shooters in the process. The S-1 is not in the picture, but the black model is the AZ651, which has just become the flagship Astro Zoom camera.

One of Kodak’s current digital camera series is called Astro Zoom. Although the AZ cameras have not made very many headlines, JK Imaging is expanding the line-up at CES with the AZ651.

The new Kodak AZ651 will become the flagship Astro Zoom shooter using its 65x optical zoom lens, whose 35mm focal length equivalent stretches from 24mm to 1560mm.

This is almost an unbelievable zoom range and it should allow photographers to close in on subjects located very far away. Even so, the price tag is very low, as the AZ651 will retail for only $349.

The specs sheet is wrapped up by a 3-inch tilting LCD screen, image stabilization system, as well as full HD video recording.

JK Imaging announces AZ421 and AZ525 bridge cameras, too

The Astro Zoom series has been expanded with the help of the AZ421, which sports a 42x optical zoom lens which has been scheduled to be released during Q2 2014.

The other shooter is called AZ525 and it is packing a 52x optical zoom lens along with built-in WiFi. Both models are bridge cameras and will cost less than $249.

Unfortunately, Kodak and JK Imaging have not provided more specifications or features which would allow consumers to draw a proper conclusion before deciding what to purchase.

Rugged SPZ1 and SP1 actions cameras to bear Kodak branding

JK Imaging’s strategy involves the launch of a broad camera line-up. Beside the S-1 Micro Four Thirds and the bridge shooters, the PixPro series is joined by a pair of rugged action cameras.

The Kodak SPZ1 and SP1 are now official with promises that they can withstand water depths down to several feet, freezing temperatures, dusty environments, and shocks.

The SPZ1 Action Cam features a 14-megapixel CMOS sensor, image stabilization, full HD video recording, and a 3x optical zoom lens. It should be released soon for $139.

On the other hand, the Kodak SP1 sports all SPZ1’s goodies as well as WiFi and a lens with a wider angle of view. It will become available this spring for no more than $229.

No more Kodak announcements are expected at CES 2014, but the cameras should have their exact specs, release dates, and prices revealed in the near future.

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