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New Kodak SP360 action cam captures 360-degree photos


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Kodak has officially introduced a very rugged action camera that is capable of capturing 360-degree spherical photos, courtesy of a 16-megapixel sensor and built-in f/2.8 lens.

JK Imaging and Kodak are announcing as well as releasing more and more products. The S-1 Micro Four Thirds camera is finally available in all versions, while the FZ201 compact camera was revealed at Photokina 2014 with a 20x optical zoom lens.

The latest Kodak-branded device in the company’s portfolio is the brand new PixPro SP360 Action Cam. It has been previewed multiple times at various events, but now it is finally official along with is entire specs list.

kodak-sp360 New Kodak SP360 action cam captures 360-degree photos News and Reviews

Kodak SP360 is a new action cam that features a 16.38-megapixel CMOS image sensor.

Kodak announces the SP360, the first action camera in the world to capture 360-degree photos

As stated above, the Kodak SP360 Action Cam has been presented by JK Imaging at several shows and the shooter has been released in a few markets in limited quantity.

However, it seems like the company is struggling to plan the launch of its products, so it is introducing its cameras several times.

Either way, the PixPro SP360 has been announced as the first action camera in the world that is capable of capturing 360-degree photos.

The device is capable of doing that with a 16.38-megapixel BSI-CMOS image sensor and a fixed-focus lens with an aperture of f/2.8.

Although it shoots 360-degree images, the Kodak SP360 is offering multiple capturing modes, including 214-degree Dome, 212-degree Front, Ring, Panorama, and Segment.

Rugged Kodak SP360 features built-in WiFi and NFC

Since this is an action camera, it needs to be rugged. The Kodak SP360 is resistant to splashes, shocks, dust, and freezing temperatures. A special case will be included in the package in order to make the SP360 waterproof down to depths of 60 meters.

The device can also record videos, meaning that you can capture your adventures on camera at full HD resolution and 30fps frame rate. High-speed videos are supported, too, at a resolution of 848 x 480 pixels and 120fps frame rate.

Thankfully, the new Kodak action camera can record 360-degree videos at HD resolution, so your experiences will look different (in a better way) than most other such videos found on the web.

The SP360 comes packed with WiFi and NFC, allowing smartphone and tablet owners to remotely control their camera. The dimensions of the shooter are 41.1 x 50 x 38mm, while its weight stands at 103 grams.

More details can be found at the official website detailing the capabilities of this action camera!

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