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Kogan Full HD Action Camera takes a swipe at GoPro Hero series


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Kogan has taken a swipe at GoPro with its new Full HD Action Camera, which will become available soon at very affordable prices.

Action cameras have been around for a long time. A lot of companies have released several models, but nobody has managed to reach the same popularity levels as GoPro. The “Hero” series is probably the best-selling ever, but this does not mean that competitors are not trying to grab a piece of the pie.

kogan-full-hd-action-camera Kogan Full HD Action Camera takes a swipe at GoPro Hero series News and Reviews

Kogan Full HD Action Camera will compete against the GoPro Hero shooters as of this August. The new device can record full HD videos and it is waterproof up to 30-meter depths.

Kogan Full HD Action Camera announced with 30-meter waterproof rating

The latest rival is Kogan, which has officially introduced the Full HD Action Camera, as well as a long list of accessories. The device is a rugged camcorder capable of capturing full HD movies at 30 frames per second.

The new device can also record 720p films at 60fps and it can do so while being at depths of 30 meters. This is an impressive waterproof rating, which is accompanied by complete dust-proof and 2-meter shockproof grades.

The Kogan Full HD Action Camera also features a 12-megapixel image sensor, 1.5-inch LCD screen, time-lapse video functionality, HDMI output, 1,000mAh battery, and a microSD card slot to store your videos.

“Sweet deal” is the key in competing against GoPro, says Kogan CEO and founder

Despite all of the aforementioned features, Kogan CEO and founder, Ruslan Kogan, claims that the biggest advantage over the GoPro series is the price of the Full HD Action Camera.

The founder says that GoPro shooters and its accessories are sold for $500 Australian dollars, which is quite a huge amount these days. However, the Kogan action camera has a starting price of AU$119 and the full list of accessories will only double that amount.

Speaking of the accessories, action videographers will be able to purchase mounts for cars, surfboards, bike handlebars, helmet, and head. All these mounts are available for AU$19 each and an extra battery will have the same price.

This means that the Kogan Silver Edition camera and six accessories will cost less than AU$240. The amount is two times cheaper than a GoPro camera, therefore Australians will definitely be lured by a “sweetened deal”, added the company’s CEO and founder.

Kogan reveals Full HD Action Camera availability information

The Australian company will release the Full HD Action Camera on August 29. The Silver Edition shooter is available for pre-order for $199, as stated above, while the Black Edition costs $139.

The aforementioned accessories will ship on the same date and they are available at Kogan’s official online store for $19 each.

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