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Konost FF revealed as a full frame digital rangefinder camera


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Konost, an American startup company, has announced that it will release in 2016 a special digital rangefinder camera, called Konost FF, with a 20-megapixel full frame sensor and Leica M-mount lens support.

Car fans dream of driving a supercar. Most of the times, the supercar is a Ferrari and it has a manual gearbox. If you are looking for an equivalent in the photo industry, then Konost is promising to deliver a simple camera without any unnecessary stuff, while providing the image quality and the performance of a high-end shooter.

The camera that will make you feel like driving a manual Ferrari is the Konost FF and it consists of a digital rangefinder camera with a full frame sensor. The American startup company promises that the shooter will become available in early 2016.

konost-ff-front Konost FF revealed as a full frame digital rangefinder camera News and Reviews

Konost FF is referred to as the world’s first true digital rangefinder camera.

Konost introduces a digital rangefinder camera with Leica M-mount lens support

While most companies are launching DSLRs with optical viewfinders and mirrorless cameras with electronic viewfinders, Leica is focused on rangefinders. This focusing mechanism combines optical and electronic components, allowing the users to measure the distance to the subject and to keep the subject in focus.

A rangefinder will show two images of the same subject and when the images will coincide, then the subject is in focus and photographers are free to trigger the shutter.

Konost says that its camera is a “true digital rangefinder” which does not have any parts that move. The shooter looks like a modern Leica rangefinder, especially considering the fact that it comes with support for Leica M-mount lenses.

The device will be made out of aluminum alloy, which means that the camera will be sturdy. This full frame digital rangefinder will be released in 2016 for an unknown price.

konost-ff-back Konost FF revealed as a full frame digital rangefinder camera News and Reviews

Konost FF will feature a 4-inch LCD screen on the back.

Konost FF employs a 20MP full frame sensor with 15-stop extended dynamic range

The Konost FF specs will include a 20-megapixel full frame CMOS sensor and a 11-stop native dynamic range, which can be expanded up to 15 stops. It will offer manual controls and an aperture priority exposure mode.

The prototype is currently shooting only RAW photos. However, the developers are working on a image-processing system that will allow the camera to capture JPEG photos, too.

The image sensor is made by CMOSIS and it is a CMV20000 model with a 6.4-micron pixel pitch. It supports up to 30fps in video mode, so users will most likely be able to capture movies as well.

Its native ISO sensitivity ranges between 100 and 6,400, while its fastest shutter speed stands at 1/4000th of a second. Konost FF will feature a hot-shoe, so users will be able to attach external accessories.

konost-ff-top Konost FF revealed as a full frame digital rangefinder camera News and Reviews

Konost FF will offer manual exposure controls as well as an aperture priority exposure mode.

Konost AP and Konost Junior models to be released, too

A full frame camera is not the only model waiting to be released by Konost. The company is also developing an APS-C unit and a 1-inch-type version.

Konost AP will share the same features as the full frame model, but it will come packed with as 12-megapixel APS-C-sized CMOS sensor.

Finally, Konost Junior will consist of a compact camera with a 10.8-megapixel 1-inch-type CMOS sensor. This version will not support Leica M-mount lenses. Instead, it will come packed with a fixed 35mm f/2 lens.

More details will be revealed in the future, so stay tuned to Camyx to find them out!

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