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Kristin and Kayla: Jason Lee’s daughters in a creative project


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Photographer Jason Lee is capturing beautiful and creative photos of his two daughters, Kristin and Kayla, keeping a journal that is documenting their childhood.

Being a photographer means that you can capture great photos of your children growing up. However, most photos are “normal”, so the subjects may not have a lot of fun while posing for them. As a result, photographer Jason Lee has decided to take a different approach and to come up with creative scenarios.

The results are pretty amazing and are sure to put a smile on your face. The photographer is keeping “a photo journal of two sisters”, inviting people not to try this at home because some of the plots are pretty dangerous. Thankfully, Kristin and Kayla have not been hurt and they are enjoying life as it is!

How the “Kristin and Kayla” photo series became a reality

While viewers may be happy that this project is a reality, the story behind why it has started is sad. The photographer’s mother was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphona back in 2006.

Both Kristin and Kalya were catching colds quite often, so they were usually unable to visit their grandma. This is why Jason Lee has decided to start a photo series that would keep his mother updated on her grandaughters.

The creative photos of Kristin and Kayla have managed to cheer up and to amuse Jason’s mother, so you can definitely say that the photo project has been a success.

The two sisters are always up to something

Jason Lee is mainly a wedding photographer. Nevertheless, this does not mean that he cannot get creative when it comes to children’s photography.

The portraits of Kristin and Kayla are usually depicting the two daughters plotting something, possibly trying to give their parents major headaches.

In one photo, you can see the younger daughter reading a book teaching kids how to avoid being blamed, while the older sister is reading a book teaching kids to how “make a mess and lame it on your sister”.

Jason Lee’s favorite quote comes from Finding Nemo

The photographer is guiding himself after a simple advice coming from an unexpected place. Dori, from the popular “Finding Nemo” movie, used to say “just keep swimming, just keep swimming” and Jason Lee says that he replaces “swimming” with “taking pictures”.

Jason can be found at his personal website, while the photo journal of two sisters is also available in a dedicated blog.

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