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Lastolite launches new studio products


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Lastolite has just launched its new Mega Umbrella, Solo support System, Urban Collapsible Backgrounds, Strobo Snoot and Strobe Gobo for the UK market. More details can be found on Lastolite’s webpage.

If at first glance some of the products seem to be an overdo of the developers, a creative mind will surely find some great ways to put them to work.
Mega-Umbrella Lastolite launches new studio products News and Reviews

Mega Umbrella

Lastolite’s largest removable covers umbrellas are here. The two models they have developed are: a 72” wide umbrella with a white translucent shoot-through cover and a 63” wide umbrella with silver reflective surface.
The first model can be used for maximum light spread whilst the second one is good for a more focused spread of light. Each model has a white fiberglass framework with an 8mm shaft.

The Mega Umbrella is also available as a kit which features a silver parabolic umbrella and a translucent cover, for £75 inc VAT.

solo_support_system Lastolite launches new studio products News and Reviews Solo Support System

Lastolite’s background support system has a pivoting crossbar, enabling the photographer to raise the background on its supports in fewer steps. This means less time arranging the scene, whilst keeping everything safe and stable. The support is available in two versions: 3m wide and 4m wide, with a 2m extension for the 4m solution, great for wider textile backgrounds. Each kit has a carrying case, great for transporting it safe and easy in a car. The prices start from £88.20 inc VAT for the Solo Support Bracket set of two. The set can be used with most industry standard background support systems.

Urban_Collapsible_Backgrounds Lastolite launches new studio products News and Reviews Urban Collapsible Backgrounds

If the weather outside is not appropriate for a photo-shoot or there is no time to find a place that can deliver a so called “urban” feeling, the Urban Collapsible Background might come in handy. It has two sides with two different textures and it’s collapsible to a third of its original size. The background combinations are: Red Brick / Grey Stone, Corrugated / Metal, Rusty Metal / Plaster Wall, and Distressed Paper / Graffiti. The price for one Urban Collapsible Background is £165 inc VAT.

lastolite_Strobo-Snoot Lastolite launches new studio products News and Reviews Strobo Snoot

The Strobo Collapsible Snoot allows the photographer to control the light from a battery operated flashgun. By connecting the snoot to the Ezybox Hotshoe Strobo Bracket or to the Direct to Flashgun Strobo Bracket, the photographer is able to create a small and concentrated spot of light. This can be used successfully when the light is needed only on a small part of the subject, traditionally achieved only when using studio lighting. The price is £25 inc VAT.

strobo_gobo Lastolite launches new studio products News and Reviews Strobo Gobo

The kit can be helpful when special lighting and background effects are needed, using just a normal battery operated flashgun. Strobo Gobo works with both Ezybox Hotshoe Strobo Bracket, and Direct to Flashgun Strobo Bracket. After attaching the Gobo to the desired bracket, all you have to do is slide in the chosen Gobo Mask. The base kit delivers two Gobo masks: an arched window and a dappled foliage effect. Other Gobo masks are available separately. The price was still undisclosed at the time this article was published.

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