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The opening of Lee Miller online picture library


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Lee Miller’s fans will be glad to know that an exhaustive collection of her works will be available online, starting April 23rd.

Active participant in the surrealist movement, Man Ray’s photographic assistant, fashion model and war correspondent, Elisabeth Lee Miller is one of those great ladies of the past who still haunts our cultural environment and memory.

But most importantly, Elisabeth Lee Miller was a great photographer and her portraits of famous artists, such as Picasso, are impregnated with the surrealist style and philosophy. Unfortunately, we know little about her life and work, since she struggled with depression and post traumatic stress syndrome all her life. As a direct consequence, she did not get the recognition she deserved in her life time and many of her works were unfairly credited to Man Ray.

lee-miller-by-george-hoyningen-huene The opening of Lee Miller online picture library News and Reviews

Lee Miller by George Hoyningen-Huene

Lee Miller’s unseen works revealed

In April 2013, Miller’s work will be revealed by the Lee Miller Archives, and it will become available in the online image library. The archive is the result of her son’s efforts in studying, conserving and promoting her works.

An impressive number of pieces, from negatives to manuscripts were discovered in the attic of Lee’s house. The collection was found after her death and it will soon be available to the public.

Although it is better late than never, many artists are celebrated after their death. Lee Miller is one of them and one can say that her work was ahead of her time. Her vision and style are different and a trained eye can easily recognize her photos.

Thankfully, we will all be able to access the Lee Miller Archives soon in order to check out unseen photos captured by the artist.

Miller’s legacy

According to her son, Antony Penrose, efforts will be made so that all 60,000 images become available to everybody in time through the Lee Miller Archives. This will provide “an interesting insight into her, her iconic images and her circle of friends as well, as a relevant selection of work by other photographers”.

There is no doubt that photography enthusiasts will appreciate this new found treasure, since it is a valuable resource for publishers, researchers, picture editors, and students worldwide.

Starting April 23, 2013, the public will have open access to the online picture library on the official website. The date has been chosen to celebrate Lee Miller’s 106th birthday. And what better tribute one could bring to this incredible lady other than this virtual journey through war and peace?

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