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Leica by G-STAR RAW camera photos leaked


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Several photos of an unannounced Leica mirrorless camera have just been leaked on the web, suggesting that a new shooter is coming in the near future.

Leica has been the subject of mass debate over the past month. The company has been teasing a so-called Mini M camera, which then got leaked on the internet.

leica-by-g-star-raw-rumor Leica by G-STAR RAW camera photos leaked Rumors

Leica by G-STAR RAW might be a modified version of the D-LUX 6, a camera manufactured by the German company.

Mysterious Leica mirrorless camera appears online

The unofficial information showed that the Mini M will be a boring camera, but the German company denied the claims and invited us to get the truth on June 11. Well, we got the truth and Leica disappointed everybody as the rumors had turned out to be true.

Despite this setback, Leica is not stopping here. A new compact camera is in the works and it will most likely be announced in the near future. Bear in mind that the leaked shots are not a part of some teasers, meaning that they may be fake.

leica-by-g-star-raw-leaked Leica by G-STAR RAW camera photos leaked Rumors

Leica by G-STAR RAW might be a modified D-LUX 6 camera with the denim brand on it.

Leica by G-STAR RAW branding gives the camera’s name away

Either way, the images look very real and the design of the mirrorless shooter appears like it has been inspired by the Leica D-LUX 6, while its internals may have also been borrowed from the aforementioned camera.

The device features several tags on it, including “RAW EDITION”. This is a little bit confusing since the D-LUX 6 and most Leica cameras can capture RAW footage.

The lens also says “Leica by G-STAR RAW”. According to Wikipedia, G-Star Raw is a Dutch clothing firm with more than six thousand stores across the world.

This means that Leica has most likely signed an agreement with the denim brand and that there will not be anything special about the device.

leica-by-g-star-raw-specs Leica by G-STAR RAW camera photos leaked Rumors

The top of the Leica by G-STAR RAW. The camera might feature a 10.1-megapixel sensor with 4.7-17.7mm f/1.4-2.3 lens providing a 35mm equivalent between 24 and 90 mm.

Leica by G-STAR RAW camera specs may be identical to those of the D-LUX 6

Since it bears resemblance with the D-LUX 6, then the Leica by G-STAR RAW might feature a 10.1-megapixel image sensor, 3-inch 920K-dot LCD screen, full HD video recording, up to 11 frames per second (JPEG) in continuous shooting mode, 4.7-17.7mm f/1.4-2.3 lens with 35mm equivalent of 24-90mm, and an SD card slot among others.

Leica D-LUX 6 is currently available for $799 at Adorama, while Amazon is selling it for $782.62. Leica cameras tend to be more expensive than that, especially considering the fact that this is a limited edition, but let’s not get carried away and wait for the device to be officially announced.

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