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Leica M-D camera rumored to be announced on March 10


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Leica will allegedly announce a new M-mount camera on March 10 along with three lenses designed for tilt-shift photography purposes and aimed at the SL Typ 601 full-frame mirrorless camera.

It used to be at the forefront of the photography world. However, Leica is no longer the biggest name in this industry. The good thing is that it still has its fans and that it is still launching excellent products for them.

A new unit is coming soon and it is believed to be a special version of the M Edition 60. Sources are reporting that it will be introduced on March 10 and that it will be called Leica M-D.

Additionally, three new L-mount lenses for the SL mirrorless camera will be unveiled. They are coming at the same event and they have been created for tilt-shift photography.

Leica M-D coming on March 10

The Leica M-D is rumored to come without the company’s famous red dot, which is usually placed in the front of the camera. Additionally, there will be no built-in screen on its back. Instead, users will find an ISO sensitivity dial, something that is reminiscent of the Leica M Edition 60.

leica-m-edition-60 Leica M-D camera rumored to be announced on March 10 Rumors

A mass-production version of the Leica M Edition 60 camera, called Leica M-D, will become official on March 10.

Sources are reporting the fact that the rangefinder camera will be a mass-production unit of the M Edition 60. The already-available shooter is a limited edition model, but it seems like the German company decided to fix this shortcoming.

As for its specs, the camera will probably employ a 24-megapixel full-frame sensor with a maximum ISO sensitivity of 6400 and a maximum shutter speed of 1/4000th of a second.

The M Edition 60 is currently selling for about $16,000, but it is unlikely that the M-D (or whatever it will be called) will retail for the same price tag.

Three tilt-shift lenses to be introduced for the Leica SL mirrorless camera

The other big announcement will consist of three tilt-shift lenses for the Leica SL mirrorless camera. The legendary manufacturer introduced this full-frame shooter in October 2015 with a 24-megapixel sensor.

The MILC also features a 3-inch display on the back, a built-in electronic viewfinder, a Maestro II image processor, a 49-point autofocus system, a continuous shooting mode of up to 11fps, and a maximum ISO of 50000.

Unfortunately, the source has been unable to reveal the focal lengths of the optics. Nevertheless, they will become official most likely on March 10, although we will not be surprised if they decide to show up one or two days prior to this date.

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