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More Leica M-D Typ 262 details and price info leaked


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Leica will announce a new camera in the near future, called M-D Typ 262, whose price has just been leaked online along with some of its details.

One of the most renowned names in photography, Leica, will launch a special edition of a special edition camera. The M Edition 60 has been introduced a while ago as a limited version of the M Typ 240.

As rumored earlier this year, the German company is working on a special model of the M Edition 60. Its name has been revealed: Leica M-D Typ 262. This trademark has been registered in South Korea, while trusted sources have just revealed some information about the upcoming camera.

Leica M-D Typ 262 set for an early May 2016 announcement

The manufacturer was supposed to introduce its new full-frame rangefinder camera on March 10 or around this date. The device has not been announced so far because it seems like it will become official in early May.

leica-m-typ-262 More Leica M-D Typ 262 details and price info leaked Rumors

Leica’s upcoming M-D Typ 262 camera might feature the same 24MP full-frame sensor as the Leica M Typ 262 (pictured here).

When the Leica M-D Typ 262 gets unveiled, photographers will notice that the camera is similar to the M Typ 240 and M Typ 262. The image sensor will likely remain identical, meaning that users will have a 24-megapixel full-frame unit at their disposal.

Its design will be similar to its siblings. However, there will no red dot in the front, while the back will not have a display. Once again, it is all about getting back to the roots for a Leica camera.

Reliable sources have provided conflicting reports about the dimensions of the upcoming shooter. Some say that its size will be similar to the M Typ 240 and 262, while others say that it will be smaller, as it will be as tiny as the analog M-A.

As expected, the top and bottom parts of the future digital rangefinder camera will be made out of brass. Thankfully, the device will be fairly lightweight, which is always nice, as photo gear can become a burden during long photo sessions.

Cheaper than the M Edition 60, but still an expensive powerhouse

Digital imaging fans are accustomed to Leica’s prohibitive prices. Well, not much is going to change with the Leica M-D Typ 262, albeit will not be about 2.5 times cheaper than the M Edition 60.

The Germany-based manufacturer will sell the upcoming device for a price around €6,000 in Europe. This amount translates into about $6,750, which pales in comparison with the $16,000 M Edition 60.

Still, it remains a pricey camera that not many people will be able to afford. The official product launch event is on its way, thus it would be best to stay tuned to Camyx!

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