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Impressive Leica M3 replica is made out of cardboard


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Leica M3 is one of German manufacturer’s iconic rangefinder cameras and now a designer has decided to create a replica of the shooter using nothing more than cardboard.

Leica M3 has been announced and first sold on the market back in 1954. The company went by the name of Ernst Leitz back then and it was not actually very experienced in rangefinder devices, as all cameras before the M3 have only been minor upgrades to the original Leica.

leica-m3 Impressive Leica M3 replica is made out of cardboard Exposure

Leica M3 is a legendary 35mm rangefinder camera released in 1954.

Leica M3 is one of the company’s iconic 35mm rangefinder cameras

The M3 is the camera which has become the most successful “M” version of its time, as more than 220,000 units have been sold until 1966. The device has been replaced by other M cameras, but this M model has been the favorite of many photographers due to its great viewfinder-rangefinder mix.

Well, they do not make it like they used to, so Leica is not doing so well on the market right now. Either way, the X Vario has just been launched and the German manufacturer seems happy with the level of response it has received, despite the fact that a lot of social media users are unhappy with its price tag and its features.

leica-m3-replica Impressive Leica M3 replica is made out of cardboard Exposure

This is a very accurate Leica M3 replica. What makes it even more impressive, is that it is entirely made out of cardboard.

Designer creates Leica M3 replica out of cardboard

Leica still has fans and Kevin LCK is one of them. The product designer has decided to add the Leica M3 to his “Ordinary Behavior” project, which consists of devices made out of cardboard.

Although the list includes a TV, an iPhone, keyboard, microwave, and others, the Leica M3 has made its way on the designer’s shortlist.

The cardboard replica of the 35mm rangefinder camera is pretty accurate. However, everything changes if you look at it from behind, where you can find a small painting room where the film should be.

leica-m3-replica-room Impressive Leica M3 replica is made out of cardboard Exposure

There is a small room inside the cardboard Leica M3. Designer Kevin LCK says it symbolizes our unhealthy relationship with technology.

“Ordinary Behavior” project represents humans’ “unhealthy relationship” with technology

The designer has created these objects to demonstrate that humans have “an unhealthy relationship” with technology. Kevin believes that we should revise our connection with everyday objects and become “more conscious”.

Well, Kevin got our attention and his project is definitely intriguing. His full work is available at his personal website.

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