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Leica Mini M release date to coincide with announcement date


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Leica continues its series of Mini M teasers, revealing the camera’s release date, which will be the same as its announcement date.

Leica has recently started to tease a new camera codenamed Mini M. The shooters sits between the Leica M and the Micro aka X2. The new device does not have an official name yet, but its box has been opened, showing a black device with a black lens.

leica-mini-m-release-date Leica Mini M release date to coincide with announcement date Rumors

Leica has posted this new teaser on Facebook. The German-based manufacturer invites us to meet the new Mini M camera in Leica Stores on June 11.

Leica Mini M release date is officially June 11

Furthermore, the recent teasers show us that the camera will not have an integrated viewfinder, which is a major downside, as the company’s fans have been asking for a cheaper device with a built-in VF for a very long time.

Leica has also announced that industry watchers will find out everything about the Mini M on June 11 during a special event. However, it seems like June 11 is much more than just a launch date, as the shooter will also be available for sale on that date.

As Leica Mini M release date has been slated for June 11, the German-based company has become tired of so many rumors. Although it is free publicity, the manufacturer promises that they will “get the truth” in less than two weeks, thus suggesting that the rumors are false.

Leica Mini M rumors leaked a photo and camera’s basic specs

The rumors referred to by Leica consist of the recently-leaked picture and specs list, which have been leaked on the web. They have revealed that the Mini M will feature a 16.1-megapixel image sensor, 28-70mm fixed zoom lens, full HD video recording, and a hot shoe aimed at an external viewfinder.

The image also showed that the camera will not come packed with an integrated VF, so many users said that they find it weird that Leica hinted that the rumors are false.

Photographers praying on Facebook that the rumors are false

Leica has posted the latest teaser on Facebook. Several fans have commented on the image, most of them praying that the rumors are false. They agree that there is no need for another M camera without a viewfinder, as there are plenty of them available on the market, especially if it features a fixed lens.

June 11 is getting closer, therefore we will find out whether Leica fans will be disappointed once again or if the rumors are bogus.

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