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Leica Mini M teaser continues with minor box opening


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Leica has continued with its Mini M camera teasing on its official website, by slightly opening the box containing the device, showing a black lens on a black shooter.

Leica has recently teased a new camera on its website. The whole story has begun on May 23, when the German manufacturer has put up a box on its official site somewhere between the Leica M and the X2 Micro M.

The teaser campaign continues on the company’s website, as the box holding the camera has been opened a bit, therefore making people more curious about the product that they are going to see on June 11.

leica-mini-m-box-open Leica Mini M teaser continues with minor box opening News and Reviews

Leica Mini M box has been opened just a little bit, but enough to reveal a black camera and its black lens. The device will become official on June 11 during a special event,

Leica Mini M teases just keep on coming ahead of June 11 announcement

The D-LUX 6 Nano M has also been put up there to symbolize the entire series of “M” shooters. It seems like the whole family will be reunited as the Mini M is scheduled to make its first official appearance on June 11.

Although we hoped that the Germany-based company would have revealed more information by now, the only thing that is certain is that the camera will be black and that it will feature a black lens. Other than that, everything is just speculation.

Anyway, Leica still claims that its fans will find the full details in about two week time, when the name of the camera will also become official.

Mini M rumored to be a Leica APS-C camera with a fixed zoom lens

As the company is trying to build up some momentum, sources have started speculating, as stated above. It is rumored that the shooter will be a regular APS-C camera which will feature a fixed lens with a broad zoom range.

The mini-opening of the box seems to suggest that this rumor is true, but the device is placed between some expensive cameras. An APS-C compact camera with a fixed zoom lens hardly qualifies for this category, so the information may be wrong.

“Speculators gonna speculate”

Previously, people would have hoped that the Leica Mini M is a full frame compact camera with a fixed lens and a pretty impressive specifications sheet.

Anyway, it would be unwise to bet all your money on a certain form factor at this point, therefore we should wait a few more days until the company decides to tease us even more.

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