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Leica SL mirrorless camera to be launched on October 20


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Leica will announce the SL full-frame mirrorless camera on October 20 as the “next chapter in the history of professional photography”.

Most photographers cannot afford the luxury of owning a Leica camera. The sales of Leica-branded shooters are not as high as the ones from other digital imaging companies, but the Germany-based company has a clientele who is anxiously waiting for its new products.

The next-generation Leica camera will be unveiled on October 20, 2015 in Leitz Park, Wetzlar, Germany. This information is coming from an invitation sent to select people, which also says that the upcoming product will become the “next chapter in the history of professional photography”.

leica-logo Leica SL mirrorless camera to be launched on October 20 Rumors

Leica will hold an announcement event on October 20 in order to reveal a new camera.

Meanwhile, the rumor mill has managed to find out that Leica has registered SL, a mirrorless camera with a full-frame image sensor, at Novocert in Russia and at NCC in Taiwan. This means that the next big thing in the digital imaging world will most likely consist of a MILC from the German company.

Leica holding big event in Germany on October 20

The text of the invitation is full of big words, praising the qualities of Leica-branded products. It does not come as a surprise that the launch of the upcoming shooter is seen as a historic moment that will “shape the future” of photography.

As stated above, the announcement is scheduled to take place on October 20 in Wetzlar, Germany. It is said that photographers, artists, and prominent guests will attend the event alongside the media, so maybe the camera will indeed be a major breakthrough.

WiFi-enabled Leica SL mirrorless camera coming next month

Getting back to the gossip mill, it is claimed that the product in question will be called Leica SL. It will be a full-frame mirrorless camera that will not support M-mount lenses. Instead, it will be a brand new system with brand new optics.

The new lenses will support autofocus and the first of them will consist of a Summicron 50mm f/2 prime. The build quality will be very high and a kit will cost $8,000, while the specs list will include built-in electronic viewfinder, electronic shutter, and image stabilization technology.

leicaflex-sl Leica SL mirrorless camera to be launched on October 20 Rumors

It is said that the design of the new Leica SL will be inspired by the Leicaflex SL SLR.

Although the German manufacturer may launch a completely different product, the sources are pretty sure about this one, especially considering the fact that it has been registered at two different agencies.

Since it showed up at Novocert and NCC, Leica SL will most likely employ WiFi technology. One more thing is worth noting: this is not a rangefinder. It is a regular mirrorless shooter and it will take on Sony’s A7-series cameras.

Source: MirrorlessRumors.

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