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Panasonic-made Leica T Type 701 to be launched on April 24


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Leica will announce a new mirrorless camera made by Panasonic soon, as the company has begun sending invitations to an April 24 event.

One of the leading innovators in imaging technology, Leica, has fallen behind companies such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, and many others.

Photographers are no longer interested in the German manufacturer’s expensive products and a lot of experts are also questioning their quality, which is said to not match their price tag.

Nevertheless, Leica is not giving up on the digital imaging sector and it seems like a mysterious new camera will be unveiled next month.

Leica to announce mirrorless camera with APS-C image sensor on April 24

leica-event-invitation Panasonic-made Leica T Type 701 to be launched on April 24 Rumors

Leica is sending invitations to an April 24 event. The Leica T Type 701 mirrorless camera is rumored to be launched on that date.

Sources have revealed that the company will hold a product launch event in Berlin, Germany on April 24. People familiar with the matter are claiming that the Leica T Type 701 will be unveiled in order to bridge the gap between the M and X series.

The new Leica T is rumored to be a mirrorless camera and to feature an APS-C-sized image sensor. Additionally, it will feature autofocus support, which is a must-have these days, so the manufacturer cannot choose to skip past it, like in other devices.

Leica T Type 701 rumored to be built by Panasonic, contrary to CEO’s claims

Previously, the CEO of Leica, Alfred Schopf, has confirmed that a new compact system camera will be announced. He said that it will be built in Germany along with several prime lenses. However, a slew of zoom lenses will be made by an unspecified partner.

This is somewhat contradictory to what the rumor mill is saying. According to inside sources, the new Leica T Type 701 mirrorless camera will be manufactured by none other than Panasonic.

It is a bold claim, but it is not impossible as the two companies are long-time partners. As stated above, the event has been set for April 24 and we will catch all the details on that date.

New Panasonic GF Micro Four Thirds camera coming this spring

Meanwhile, Panasonic is preparing another GF series camera. It will feature a Micro Four Thirds image sensor, but it is unclear whether it is replacing the Panasonic GF6 or not.

A lot of people thought that the GF series would be discontinued in order to avoid confusion. Currently, you can purchase GF, GX, GH, GM, and G cameras, so it is easy to understand why beginners could have a hard time in choosing the right Panasonic system for them.

The launch of the new Panasonic GF camera is set for “spring 2014”. As usual, take it with a pinch of salt before drawing any conclusions.

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