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Life moments depicted through photos of the “Life of a Bench”


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Photographer Gábor Erdélyi is telling the story of a bench located in Barcelona, Spain, which features important elements of life, such as love, loneliness, or happiness.

Gábor Erdélyi is a Hungarian photographer who has visited multiple continents in search of beautiful places. The artist has traveled all over Europe and in parts of America as well as Asia while also working for various magazines.

However, the photographer has a project that he is quite fond of that is entitled “Life of a Bench”. The title is not a catch of some kind, as the project really depicts the life of a random bench.

The moments which occur on this bench include scenes of love, sadness, happiness or even loneliness. The bench is located in a square in Barcelona, Spain, which is used by inhabitants and tourists to grab a quick meal, to show some affection, to fight, or to spend some alone time away from friends or family.

The “Life of a Bench” in Barcelona features the same moments experienced by any person

Barcelona’s seaside attracts thousands if not millions of tourists per year. Near the shore, there is a frequently-visited square that also includes a bench. Photographer Gábor Erdélyi has noticed that people like to spend time on this bench, even if it only means resting for a while.

As the diversity of people and their emotions was immense, the photographer begun capturing photos from a safe distance. The artist spent a lot of time on his balcony waiting for his next subjects to spend some time on the bench.

The project is named “Life of a Bench” and it is just like the life of a normal person. It has moments of happiness and love along with loneliness and fighting. There is lunch time and there is game time, but then there is work time and rest time. Overall, it is just everyday life as you already know it.

This project has not been created in a day and it is not yet complete. The Hungarian artist admits that some important scenes are still missing from this bench’s life, but all is coming in due time as the “Life of a Bench” continues.

More information about Gábor Erdélyi

Gábor Erdélyi is a Hungarian photographer who is fond of traveling. The artist studied photography in Denmark and has won multiple awards during the course of his career.

As stated above, his adventures have taken him to Asia and America beside Europe. He has traveled using vehicles, bikes, or simply by foot. His goal is to discover the beautiful places and moments that occur on our planet.

Photographer Gábor Erdélyi has also taken part in exhibitions, while his work has been featured in multiple magazines all over the world. Additionally, he has worked for other artists, including musicians and actors, but in his spare time he is working on personal projects.

“Life of a Bench” is a powerful series confirming that a person’s life is a fleeting moment as people come and go all the time. More photos and details can be found at the artist’s official website.

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